Young woman sexy underwear feed selfies


The sexy underwear market is already very popular, but the phenomenon of feeding selfies of young women’s sexy underwear is still surprising.It’s just the curiosity of the outside world, it is necessary to explain the reasons and rights and wrongs of this phenomenon.


Many young women will encounter breastfeeding problems after giving birth. Some people choose to feed in sexy underwear in order to be more convenient.Later, some young women wore a video or photos of selfies and feeding of sexy underwear. They were widely circulated on social media.


Young women’s sexy underwear feeding and selfies caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that this is a hype and vulgar behavior, which is not conducive to the improvement of the image of young women.However, some people think that this is a spontaneous exploration of young women and expressing themselves, and should not be questioned by morality.

The pursuit of freedom

For women participating in the feeding and selfies of young women’s sexy underwear, they may be expressing the rebellion of traditional concepts and moral norms.They want to get rid of the restraint and enjoy freedom, especially for the sexy and aesthetic underwear that reflects the sexy and aesthetics of women, they are pursuing their own aesthetic feelings.

Negative Effects

Although some people think that the behavior of young women’s sexy underwear feeding and selfies is a free expression of freedom, some people think that it will have a bad impact on the child.Some people think that while drinking milk, the mother’s sexy sexy underwear will affect their health formation, such as weakness, too sensitive or irritable emotions.

Admirable aesthetics

For supporters of young women’s sexy underwear feeding and selfies, sexy aesthetics is a free expression of pursuit of aesthetic and fashion, reflecting the needs of women’s personalization and diversification.And milk, mother love and sexy also represent the value of women with multiple identities.

Educational issue

Some people think that young women’s sexy underwear feeding selfies is a manifestation of poor education and misleading children.However, some people pointed out that education is not simply restraining the behavior of children, but to seek good methods and strategies between giving children the balance between freedom and education.

cultural difference

Due to the different cultural background, the phenomenon of feeding and selfies of young women’s sexy underwear will generate different interpretations.In Europe, the United States and other places, sexy is generally regarded as part of culture, and in traditional Chinese culture, it has different ideas and ways of thinking.


For the phenomenon of feeding selfies of young women’s sexy underwear, we may wish to face with a tolerance, but we must also realize that there is still adverse effects and problems behind this phenomenon.If you believe in "freedom" and "aesthetics", it will miss the importance of self -restraint and social responsibility, leading to imbalances in interpersonal relationships, family education and other aspects.Therefore, we should look at this topic with objective and rational eyes, not condemn, but do not blindly worship and respect the choices made by each young woman themselves.


Sexy underwear is a continuation of women’s physical beauty, while young women’s sexy underwear feeding selfies is a pursuit of freedom and diversification.However, when we involve the education of maternal love and children, we still need to deal with this topic carefully.I hope this article can help everyone understand and understand this topic more comprehensively, as well as the thinking and discussion of it in the future.

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