Yang Mi Wenting Lords Breast

Yang Mi Interesting Underwear D branches -the perfect combination of sexy and elegant

Yang Mi is a well -known actress in the Chinese film industry. With his outstanding appearance and acting skills, it is loved by people.Not only that, in his private life, Yang Mi is also a girl who loves and loves underwear.Today, let’s take a look at the sexy lingerie bras recommended by Yang Mi, and explore why these styles can not only make women feel sexy, but also contain elegance and confidence.

1. Sex of sexy lingerie, chest style selection

Yang Mi recommended the fun underwear bras not only different forms, but also follow the "sexy" design concept.Due to the different physical forms and individual characteristics of different women, Yang Mi reminds consumers to choose from their own body characteristics, personality, hobbies and other factors when buying sexy lingerie bra.The most important thing is to choose the best -to -hand style to show the sexy side.

Second, the choice of bras fabric

In addition to the choice of bras, Yang Mi also emphasized the importance of bras.Different branfings have different effects.Moreover, the material and quality of the bra will also affect factors such as comfort and abrasion resistance.Yang Mi recommends choosing fabrics with a certain elasticity and breathability, which can provide sufficient support and package sense, but not to make the wearer feel too tight and impermeable.

Third, the color matching of sexy lingerie bras

In addition to the choice of fabrics, Yang Mi also emphasized color matching when recommending sexy lingerie bra.Due to the sexy attributes of sexy lingerie bras, a beautiful sexy lingerie chest can instantly improve the temperament and charm of the whole person in an instant.Especially in terms of color matching, it can not only fully attract the eyes of others, but also add more self -confidence to the wearer.

Fourth, sexy lingerie bran size selection

When buying sexy lord bra, size selection is very important.Different brands of sexy lord bras are not the same. It is necessary to carefully measure the size and choose the characteristics of the personal body shape.Otherwise, excessive or small size may cause uncomfortable dressing and affect the overall dressing effect.

Five, the choice of chest shape

Yang Mi believes that the chest type choice of sexy underwear bras is also very important.The style and size of the chest shape and the bras are inextricably linked.Different bras and chest shapes can shape different lines for the body, thereby enhancing the temperament and charm of the wearer.However, it is best to consider the characteristics of the personal body before wearing, and avoid choosing a bra that is too tight or too loose.

6. The time when wearing a sexy lingerie chest

In daily life, the time to wear sexy lingerie brains also needs to be paid attention to.If you often wear sexy lingerie bras and persistence for a long time, it will affect the shape and health of the chest.Therefore, Yang Mi recommends minimizing the wear time as much as possible and gradually adjusting the daily way of dressing.

Seven, sexy underwear bras maintenance methods

Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy lingerie bra.Because the pads and skeletons inside the bras have a certain elasticity, they need to be protected during washing, otherwise it will affect the life of the entire bra.It is recommended to choose a mild washing solution when washing, and avoid direct exposure or use a high -temperature dryer to dry.

8. Selection of sexy intensity of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy lingerie bra, consumers can meet their needs by choosing different sexy strength.Under normal circumstances, the sexyness of the bras design is different because of different people.Yang Mi reminded everyone to choose a sexy charm that can keep it, and unity will not make the wearer feel too exposed and insignificant.

Nine, the accessory design of the bra

The accessories design is also one of the important factors that affect the effect of the bra.Yang Mi recommends choosing accessories and elegance without losing elegance, which can improve the overall temperament and charm.At the same time, the color and form of accessories also need to match the bras and color of the bra to play a better dressing effect.

Ten, sexy lingerie chest matching skills

In Yang Mi’s view, the matching skills of sexy underwear bras are also one of the key factors of wearing effects.Consumers can choose small objects similar to lace, satin, beads, etc. to improve the effect of the bra with the effect of the bra.At the same time, it can also be more reflected by the temperament of the bra through different clothing.


Yang Mi recommended the sexy lingerie and chest style not only sexy and elegant, but also improve women’s confidence and temperament.When choosing a sexy lingerie chest, you need to consider the style, fabric, size, color and other aspects to choose a branate style that suits you best, and with the appropriate accessories and clothing to play the best effect.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to wear time and maintenance methods to keep the bras always maintaining the best dressing effect.

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