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Women wear sexy underwear-how to choose and wear skills

Female friends always want to keep their charm at all times, and wearing sexy sexy underwear is one of the ways.But under the market’s dazzling sexy lingerie brand style today, it is sometimes difficult to determine the type that suits you best.So how do you choose and match?Let’s share some personal opinions and experiences with you.

Choose underwear materials-important foundation

The material for choosing underwear is crucial, and the texture and use of different materials are different.The most common materials are lace, silk, cotton, etc. Laces are usually used to show sexy, silk is more charming and noble, and cotton is relatively suitable for daily life.For women who often sweat, cotton underwear is a choice for recommendation.

Choose the right style-let you show the feminine charm

If you are buying sexy underwear for the first time, you can choose the most suitable style according to your own characteristics.Many women will choose hip lingerie. This type of underwear design can enhance the hip lines and make the curve more attractive.Or for women with smaller chests, it is also a good choice to gather underwear with concentrated effects, making the chest fuller.

Color match-make you more charming more charming

Whether it is style selection or color matching, it should be determined according to your own personality and preference.Many women choose black underwear because black represents mystery and sexy.Of course, you can also choose other colors to reflect your unique charm. For example, pink represents cuteness and sweetness, and red can make people feel enthusiastic.

Match with coat-make you stylish and bold

The correct internal and external matching can make you more fashionable and increase your temperament.For example, for women who like to wear low -cut jackets, choosing a concentrated -effect gathering underwear can better display the chest curve and increase the sense of noble.And with lace perspective jackets can make you more sexy charm.

With bottom pants-make you more charming

Choosing the appropriate bottom pants is very important for wearing sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, you can choose the bottom pants that match the color of the underwear, but sometimes you can also choose the bottom pants that are opposite to the color of the underwear to increase your own personalization.For example, the combination of white pants and black underwear can show a more romantic and soft feeling.

Maintenance underwear-Let you wear it for a long time

The maintenance of underwear is very important. Different maintenance methods should be adopted according to the differences in underwear materials.Sometimes the underwear can be placed in a dust bag to prevent pollution and fabric damage.At the same time, hand washing is a good way to maintain underwear. Do not use a dryer or a drum washing machine to avoid the wear of the fabric.

Scene selection-to make you more decent

The underwear wearing occasions should also be selected according to their own needs, and the way of dressing in different occasions is different.For example, you can choose a relatively low -key sexy underwear, and party or dating can choose a more sexy type.In addition, wearing erotic underwear should not only be decent, but also choose according to their own conditions. If it is too perspective, it will affect the image.

Privacy Protection-Following Privacy issues

Due to the privacy of underwear, privacy protection is very important.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputation merchant to buy to ensure their own rights and interests.And in general, offline physical stores are safer and reliable than online purchases.

Overall, choosing the right sexy underwear, which requires a certain skills to match and wear.Trying different styles and colors can enable you to experience more different sexy charm and keep you confident and charm at all times.

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