Sexy underwear Japanese Three Thunder Thunder

(Note: This article only discusses the sexy underwear that appears in the third -level film in Japan, causing the discomfort to do not browse.)

The sexy underwear in Japanese three -level film is often shining, and all kinds of styles are dazzling. Here are one to introduce these sexy and charming sexy underwear.

1. Open sex underwear

Speak sex underwear is the most common type. It can be matched with sexy stockings and high heels to make the figure more prominent and more attractive.This underwear is mainly divided into T -shaped pants and V pants. Choose a style that suits you according to personal preference.

2. Open pants sexy underwear

Opening pants and sexy underwear are a very bold design. After wearing, they can easily achieve various postures and bring more love and love to couples.

3. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a very popular style of women. Its sexy does not come from naked, but from the delicateness, softness and slender of lace, exuding a deep sexy atmosphere.

4. Students’ dressing underwear

Students’ coloring underwear is a common one in Japanese three -level film. It is designed with Japanese school uniforms as a template, reminiscent of youth, vitality and love in the student days. It is very popular with young people.


Interesting underwear for bathrobes is not only used for bathing, but also as a robe, full of romance, sexy and charming atmosphere.

6. Little Jie -hearty underwear

Little Jie’s heart fun underwear is a style that has been popular in recent years. Unlike traditional sexy underwear, it makes people look softer and cute, and it is very suitable for girlfriends to play.

7. Fraculation sexy underwear

Fracket sexy underwear is a style that imitates traditional kitchen apron. Most of the chest parts are designed with sleeveless vests. The hem part is small and cute, which makes people feel a warm atmosphere of the family.

8. Type -see -out sexy underwear

The tulle translucent sexy underwear is the most exposed underwear style. With the perspective effect, the female body curve is fully demonstrated. The shape is very beautiful and sexy.

In general, there are many sexy lingerie styles in Japanese tertiary films, unique and very sexy dressing style.At the same time, we also see Japanese sex culture, although we may not always agree with this culture.

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