Why is blood drip is sexy underwear

Why is blood drip is sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively unique underwear, which is mainly characterized by sexy and teasing.Blood droplets are one of the more well -known categories, but why is blood droplets sexy underwear?

What is blood drip

Blood droplets are a more distinctive sexy lingerie style.It consists of three thin bands and a circular fabric, two of which bypass the neck, the other thin belt is bypassed the waist and connected to the round fabric.This underwear gives people a challenging and mysterious visual impact.

History of Blood Drops

Blood droplets are also a kind of underwear that appeared in recent years. It first appeared in adult products.Because of its unique design, it is sought after by customers.With the gradual popularization of sexy underwear, blood droplets are also understood and accepted by more and more people.

Blood drip use occasion

Blood droplets are widely used in various sex occasions, such as bed sports, sexy performances, shooting and other activities such as couples.At the same time, some girls who dream of sexy idols will also choose to wear sexy underwear on weekdays. Among them, blood droplets are one of the more popular styles.

Blood Drop material

The fabric of blood droplets is generally made of lace, silk and other sub -optical materials. This material is good and soft, which is very suitable for the human body.The thin band part is usually made of high elastic polyester material to ensure that wearing is more comfortable and comfortable.

The method of wearing blood droplets

The method of wearing blood droplets is relatively simple. You only need to fix the three thin bands on the waist and neck, but it also requires certain skills and details.For example, pay attention to the length and length ratio of thin bands, and ensure that the effect after wearing is more beautiful.

Blood Drop Size

The size of the blood droplets is relatively free, and most styles are average.This size settings are not only convenient for purchasing and matching, but also very suitable for women with beautiful body curves.

Issues that need attention when buying blood drops

There are two aspects that you need to pay attention to when buying blood drops.The first aspect is a quality problem. It is necessary to choose high -quality products to avoid accidents caused by accidental wear.The second aspect is the problem of wearing effects. You need to choose the right style according to your physical condition and characteristics.

Maintenance of blood droplets

The maintenance of blood droplets is also very important. To avoid being placed with other accessories or close contact with coarse fabrics, it will wear fabrics and thin bands to affect the service life.At the same time, it is necessary to clean the blood droplets on a regular basis to maintain its hygiene and neatness.

Blood droplets are not everyone’s dishes

Although blood droplets are a kind of sexy underwear, not everyone likes or is suitable for wearing it.First of all, you must have a certain confidence and courage to wear the beauty of this underwear.Secondly, different physical characteristics and body curves will also affect the effect of blood droplets.


In general, as a kind of sexy underwear, blood droplets are characterized by sexy and teasing.Wearing blood droplets requires some courage and skills, but as long as you choose the right style and wear it correctly, you can release the maximum sexy atmosphere.

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