Who has done sexy shirt

Who has done sexy shirt

In recent years, it is not difficult to find that the streets and lanes in many cities in China have become part of sex culture.Of course, the production of sexy underwear has also become a option for many special styles and materials.However, do you know that the production of sexy underwear is not so easy.Next, let’s find out who has made fun underwear one by one.

Start with material

First of all, the material of sex underwear has a vital impact on the comfort and safety of the product.Some small sexy underwear operators made the quality of sexy underwear in poor quality is likely to use bad materials.For example, some cheap erotic underwear factories will use chemical cellulose or material materials to make sexy underwear, which may cause allergic reactions.And more mature sexy underwear processing plants, all use high -priced and reliable materials.

Do you want to customize it privately?

Generally, sexy underwear is customized.If you only need an ordinary sexy underwear, you may buy it on a sexual product store or some websites.However, for customers who need special sizes or design, the private customization service of sexy underwear is a better choice.Making privately ordering sexy underwear requires a series of operations for the linear measurement of customers.Therefore, when making sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is the purpose and actual needs of production.

Design drawing

Designers and drawers should know how to transform the model of cutting -cut clothing into a three -dimensional three -dimensional pattern, which must be considered in the design process of sexy underwear.The drawer must also know how to use computer design software to convert each mode into a real three -dimensional three -dimensional pattern.

Cutting and sewing process

Before the cutting and sewing process, a clear tailoring plan must be formulated, including the shape and size of each part.If you need to cut from the prototype product, you need to cut out the part you need according to the size. If you need it, you need to use a sewing machine to suture.

Size, body shape and color

When designing and production of sexy underwear, the body characteristics and comfort of the wearer need to be considered.Everyone’s body size and shape are different, so sexy underwear must be designed with appropriate size and shape.At the same time, the color of sexy underwear is also an important factor in design.Designers must choose a suitable product color, which is best to match the needs of customers.This requires the choice of final color when making sexy underwear.

Anti -allergy treatment

When making sexy underwear, avoiding allergies is another important factor that designers and manufacturers must consider.If there is a problem with the material, there may be potential risks of skin allergies, which has a potential impact on consumers’ health.Therefore, the company needs to check the materials before making sexy underwear to ensure that it is high -quality, non -toxic, and non -allergic.

Mild washing

There are also special issues that need to be paid attention to, such as the conjoined socks of sexy underwear should also be cleaned and preserved correctly.They are independent units, but like a hood, they need to be washed with mild water flow, and they should be cleaned with soft laundry powder.In addition, they must prevent bright colors and frictions to prevent color differences.

Development trend and market demand

Finally, it is worth noting that sexy underwear is the product of market demand. Their development trends are closely related to market demand.The materials, styles and colors of most sexy underwear products are customized according to market demand and consumer feedback.Therefore, sexy underwear design and manufacturers need to pay attention to market trends in a timely manner to maintain its first -mover advantage in the industry.

in conclusion

From the consideration of sexy underwear materials, private customization, design drawing, cutting sewing, size color, allergies, washing, and market trends, creating sexy underwear is a high -precision job that requires skilled professional manufacturers to complete.Different customers have different needs, and various practical problems must be considered in the manufacturing process.

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