Where to promote sexy lingerie good selling points

Where to promote sexy lingerie good selling points

As the traditional concepts of young people gradually dilute, sex underwear, as a new type of sex culture, is gradually being favored by the public.However, for sellers, how to promote these products in the right place?Here are several suggestions.

1. Show sexy underwear at the sex culture exhibition

Whether it is a sexual cultural exhibition or a literary festival, sexy underwear can be displayed on the booth.At the same time, this is also a convenient place that can exchange opinions and market conditions in the market.

2. Use online social platforms to promote

Funeral underwear invests online social platforms such as Weibo, WeChat public account or Instagram, etc., combined with hot news to attract netizens.Popularizing the culture of interest, provides more choices for consumers in need.

3. Cooperate with related apps and websites

Consensus with related APPs and websites can bring business opportunities, such as cooperation with live broadcast platforms, sex malls, and sex products websites.This is also an income channel, which can not only monetize, but also expand the brand’s influence.

4. Choose the right place for sales

The sales of sexy underwear are carried out in shopping malls, clothing stores or in specific corners.Some sex cultural exhibitions, nightclubs or adult products are also very good places.However, different venues have different supply, sales and promotion methods, and should be selected according to the actual situation.

5. Organize theme party activities

The theme party activity can conveniently display sexy underwear in a limited space and bring it to the life of consumers.For example, cooperation with nightclubs or boxes, offline activities with online users, etc. to increase brand awareness.

6. Establish a merchant community

Establish a merchant community through communication and exchanges with other sellers.This can provide sales staff with more business knowledge and experience, and allow them to exchange plans, knowledge and sales courses.

7. Choose the appropriate promotion timing

The sales of sexy underwear are dynamically changed by customer needs, and promotional activities are essential in the process of merchant sales.For example, combined with specific periods (such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) and customer models, the products are promoted and promoted.The purpose is to increase sales volume, broaden sales channels, and increase brand reputation.

8. Regularly participate in related industry meetings and exchanges

Participating in industry conferences and exchange activities, exchanging views and experience with peers, can improve the professional level and skills of sales staff, help sales staff to increase their understanding of market conditions and prices.

9. Consider the promotion method of free gifts or prizes

The sales strategy of the third center provides a customer experience to understand what they need.You can consider free gifts, such as one amount of sexy underwear, you can get free products or game opportunities.This can stimulate customers’ desire to buy and increase sales.

10. Reasonable implantation concept in product packaging

In addition to considering the value and function of the product itself, merchants should also implant the concept of interest culture into Package, which reflects the brand nature and characteristics of the brand during the promotion of the product.This also helps affect personal consumption psychology and purchase decisions.


In a progressive society, as a fashion trend of sexy underwear, its market potential is unlimited.It is a very important issue how a merchant can master experience and skills in sales, build a sales platform, and formulate a suitable sales plan.Correct sales strategies and effective marketing methods can help merchants win in competition.

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