Where to dry the sex underwear

1. What should I pay attention to in drying underwear?

As a special underwear style, sexy underwear is usually more expensive and has a certain privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to avoid damage or leak privacy when drying.

2. It is not recommended to dry it outdoors

It is not recommended to dry the sexy underwear outdoors, because it is easy to be peeped or blown away by the wind.If you have to dry out of the outdoor, it is best to choose a balcony or an empty private venue.

3. Choose the right drying position

Drying sex underwear at home, it is best to choose a better place where the air circulation is circulating next to the wardrobe or washing machine, which can ensure dryness and mildew.

4. Do not bake your sexy underwear

It is not recommended to use a dryer to dry the sexy underwear, because too high temperature may damage its elasticity and fabrics, affecting the wearing effect.

5. It is better to dry it with a hanger

It is best to use a hanger and clip to hang the sexy underwear to dry it to avoid obvious indentation.

6. Category to dry different styles of sexy underwear

Different styles and fabrics need to use different drying methods.Interesting underwear in the texture of silk or lace texture is best to dry in flat, not hanging.The sexy lingerie of the elastic material can be hung to dry.

7. Pay attention to the cleaning method

In addition to drying, cleaning methods will also affect the protection of sexy underwear.It is best to use hand washing or professional washing to protect the nature and fabric of sexy underwear.

8. Avoid using bleaching agents

It is not recommended to use bleaching agents to clean up sexy underwear, because bleaching agents can damage the fabrics and elasticity of the underwear, affecting the wearing effect.

9. Avoid excessive drying

Interest underwear does not need to be excessively dry. Generally, it can be completely dry for 6-8 hours of drying. Excessive drying can easily lead to deformation of the underwear and lose the original color and elasticity.

10. Conclusion

Related sexy underwear requires our special attention to avoid damage and leak privacy.Through the correct drying and cleaning method, the service life of the underwear can be extended, bringing a better wear experience.

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