Where can I have fun underwear wholesale in Xiamen

Where can Xiamen feel interesting underwear wholesale?

As a special underwear product, sexy underwear has unique market demand.Although sexy underwear also has a certain share in traditional department store merchants, the real sexy underwear wholesale market is relatively hidden.This article will start from multiple perspectives to introduce what places and channels in Xiamen can be wholesale underwear for their reference.

1. Sex products business district

The business district of sex products is a business district that specializes in sexy products. In addition to sex toys and bath products, sexy underwear is also a very important part of the product.In Xiamen, common sexual products business districts include World Trade 1717, SM City Plaza, Meihe Plaza, etc.In these business districts, many shops sell sexy underwear, and some stores will accept wholesale orders.

2. Taobao Tmall

With the continuous development of e -commerce, more and more merchants have begun to choose to open a store on Taobao Tmall, and sexy underwear is no exception.Searching for "sexy underwear wholesale" on Taobao will appear many different shops. Choosing a shop with high reputation and a large variety of products for cooperation is a more convenient wholesale channel.

3. WeChat merchant

In the era of social networks, more and more merchants have begun to use WeChat for sales.Some sexy underwear manufacturers or wholesalers will publish product information in WeChat public account or circle of friends, and sometimes there are some special or large number of spot clearance sales activities.By joining these WeChat accounts, you can often learn the special offer or clearance information of these merchants in time.

Fourth, Huaqiangbei Shenzhen

Huaqiangbei is located in Shenzhen. It is a mature electronic market and there will be sexy underwear wholesale stores.You can pay attention to the WeChat public account of some merchants. Direct orders in the public account. The merchant can ship to Xiamen or choose to pick up the goods in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen.

5. Investment and Wholesale Department in Xiamen International Trade Market Wholesale Zone

Xiamen International Trade Market Wholesale Zone China Merchants Wholesale Department is a shop that integrates a variety of commodity wholesale, including stores that sell beauty and hairdressing products, cosmetics, sex products, and sexy underwear.As one of the wholesale bases of Xiamen’s conscience, the shopping mall can achieve the comparison and choice of multiple brands to achieve better price effects and various types of choice effects.

6. Xiamen Jiayu Trading Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Jiayu Trading Co., Ltd. is a business -owned lingerie wholesale merchants.The merchant can provide brand sex lingerie and ODM/OEM services.Enterprises can customize sexy underwear that meets their own brand image according to their own needs.

7. 5 yuan diamond wholesale merchant

Some sexy underwear wholesalers sell products on various wholesale platforms, one of which is a common sales model is 5 yuan diamond wholesale.This sales model is wholesale at a price of 5 yuan, while the quality and authenticity of the goods need to be carefully selected and compared.

Eight, wholesale market

In addition to the above channels, there are some conventional wholesale markets, such as the Haicang wholesale market and the Lake wholesale market next to Xiamen Railway Station.There are many types of merchants in these wholesale markets, and sexy underwear is also one of the common products.You can negotiate wholesale and cooperation with merchants to obtain more preferential prices.


In short, the selection of erotic underwear wholesale channels need to be considered according to the specific situation, product characteristics, and market demand of the operator.The above -mentioned channels do not represent the entire sexy underwear wholesale channels. I hope that operators can make reasonable choices after careful analysis of the market and understand their needs.

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