What to do if you use sexy underwear if you use

Although sexy underwear is a beautiful and sexy coexistence, improper use will cause harm to women’s health.For this reason, when choosing and using sexy underwear, you must understand and understand.This article will provide you with relevant knowledge and precautions for the use of sexy underwear.

1. Choose conventional materials

For women who buy sexy underwear for the first time, it is best to choose conventional materials, such as cotton, silk, aminoly, etc. In addition, for women who wear too long or physiological periods, do not buy strong irritating sexy underwear.

2. Correct size is very important

When buying sexy underwear, be sure to choose the size of your body to avoid excessive or loose conditions.Excessive sexy underwear restricts blood flow, leading to skin allergies, redness and swelling; overly loose sexy underwear can easily lead to abrasion or stuck neck and waist.

3. Material texture is also important

For women who are very sensitive to texture, pay attention to choosing soft and smooth materials, such as silk, chiffon, etc.; For women who are eager to get better results in hips or chests, you can choose a textured underwear with texture.

Fourth, better breathability

Because sexy underwear usually uses the fabrics and design of conventional underwear, it will affect the blood circulation and breathable of the replacement part after wearing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a permeable sexy underwear, such as lace, mesh and other fabric combinations.

5. Daily cleaning

In order to ensure the safe use and long -term life of sexy underwear, it is recommended to clean it immediately after each use, especially in tropical areas or summer, avoid a large amount of sweat and oil accumulation on sexy underwear to increase the risk of infection.

6. Correct cleaning method

When cleaning sexy underwear, do not use conventional cleaning agents or high -temperature disinfection methods, because these methods not only destroy the material of the underwear, but also pollute underwear and increase the opportunity to breed internal bacteria.The correct cleaning method should be gently rubbed with warm water and neutralizants, and then quickly dry.

Seven, replace time

It is recommended to change sexy underwear every three to six months to avoid adverse effects on the body.

Eight, avoid excessive use

Although sexy underwear can improve the sexy and charm of women, long or excessive use will harm skin and physical health, so use sexy underwear also requires appropriateness.

This article introduces some knowledge and precautions that use sexy underwear. The correct method of use can improve the image and charm of women without harming physical health.

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