What should I do if my husband has to buy sexy underwear to wear


"What should I do if my husband has to buy interesting underwear?" This is the topic of many female friends in social media such as friends circle, Weibo, WeChat and other social media.In modern times, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic, but many women do not like their male companions to put on these clothes, especially when introducing to family members and friends, they are even more embarrassing.

Understand the true meaning of love underwear

First of all, we need to understand the true meaning of love underwear.Interest underwear is not just a kind of clothing, but an attitude and way to express sex.For many men, wearing erotic underwear can inspire the impulse and desire deep in the heart, making sex more exciting and interesting.

Causes of this behavior

The reason why many men have to buy sexy underwear are affected by film and television works.Many film and television works now show the plot of the actor wearing sexy underwear, and often become a big selling point in the plot.This will make many men mistakenly think that wearing a fun underwear is a fashion and trend.

Give reasonable suggestions

For female friends, we can try to give men with some reasonable suggestions, such as: Don’t wear sex underwear at family gatherings or friends gatherings, and we can wear fun with female companions in private space.In addition, you can also try to buy a few more warm and romantic bed costumes, which can not only satisfy the impulse and desire of men, and will not appear too public in public.

Discuss the needs of both parties

At the same time, we should try to understand the needs of male companions.Ask the male companion’s thoughts and expectations of sexy underwear, and understand the reason why he wants to wear sexy underwear.Maybe we can try to buy bedding with the male companion to properly meet the needs of both parties.

Try to accept and understand

Another way is to try to accept the habit of wearing sexy underwear and be frankly talking about their feelings.Gives enough support and trust, so that he knows that his choice is not wrong, but he also hopes that he can understand the woman’s thoughts and give up at appropriate time.

Don’t hinder each other’s choice

As a partner, we need to respect and understand each other, and we cannot conflict because of small things.If the woman’s rejection of sexy underwear is very strong, then you can try not to interfere with the men’s choice.Similarly, if the man likes to wear sexy underwear very much, don’t deny his choice because the woman does not understand.

Frequently don’t like this approach

If you repeatedly endure the behavior of the male companion wearing sexy underwear, it will eventually cause the woman to have dissatisfaction and conflict.This is not conducive to the development of the relationship between the two parties.Therefore, the woman should say that she does not like the man’s behavior of wearing sexy underwear at the right time, but at the same time, she should also try to understand the man’s thoughts and needs.

Divert attention

If the man likes to wear sexy underwear very much and the woman cannot fully accept it, then we can try to divert attention and create more romance and stimulus.For example, talking, chatting, eating, watching movies, dating, etc., these trivial matters in daily life can also make the two people deeper.

Reflect on your thoughts

For women, if we can’t accept the behavior of men’s partners wearing sexy underwear, we should also reflect on our thoughts.Is it because of the influence of traditional culture, or is it because of the sensitivity and rejection of sex?By reflecting on your own way of thinking, you may get some new revelation.


For female friends, understanding the men’s thoughts and needs, and at the same time try to let the man understand our own feelings and ideas, so that you can build a healthy and stable relationship.When we involve private and sensitive emotional topics, we need to respect the needs and choices of the other party, but we should not completely abandon our bottom line and principles.

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