Fun underwear training PLAY text

What is sexy underwear tuning PLAY?

Fun underwear training PLAY refers to a way to use sexy underwear and body language to adjust the partner and sublimate sex experience.In this PLAY, sexy underwear plays an important role, which can play a role in enhancing sexual stimuli and enhance visual enjoyment, while the partner’s body language can be more charming under the echo of sexy underwear.

What kind of underwear needs to teach PLAY in sexy underwear?

In sexy underwear tuning Play, choosing the right sexy underwear is the key.Different body structure, different personality hobbies, and different occasions require different erotic underwear.Sexy perspective underwear, cats and women’s clothing, sex pajamas, and conjoined dresses are all good choices.Especially the integrated dresses, because it can not only adjust the body, but also create a wonderful curve for the body, and it can also play a role in enhancing visual experience.

Funeral underwear training PLAY precautions

It should be noted that different erotic underwear is not only suitable for different occasions, different partners, but also different use scenarios and methods.It should be noted that paying attention to the physical response of the partner and understanding the psychological needs of the partner.In addition, you need to prepare some sex props, such as high -quality lubricants, power sources and stimulus supplies. In the Play process, it is best to fully discover the potential needs of both parties.Sexuality.

Details you need to pay attention to in sex underwear training PLAY

In the process of Play, you need to pay attention to many details, such as adjusting the size and size of the sexy underwear, and simultaneously adjust the different parts to meet different physical pressure needs.At the same time, you can properly perform some more Intens and orgasm decompression methods such as the physical queen tuning, foot stepping, and stimulating position.Both the body’s appearance, the body language, or the sound of the sound need to be appropriately encouraged to stimulate the other party more physiological reactions.

The richness of sexy underwear tuning PLAY

Fun underwear training PLAY is a very rich sex experience.In the process of Play, you can try a variety of different scenes and different situations. You can choose different types and methods such as childlike style, small freshness, training, role -playing, ghost animals.You can get rid of conventional thinking and allow both parties to enjoy a more unique interest experience.

The applicable crowd of sexy underwear tuning PLAY

Fun underwear training PLAY is suitable for people with open personality and open -minded people. Under the premise of healthy and orderly, you can try to have the most extreme sexual desire enjoyment with the most important sexual experience method with the ultimate goal.


Before the sexy underwear tuning Play, it is recommended to do a good job of preparation in the physiological and psychological preparations.For example, do a good job of genital cleaning, light pubic hair treatment, and necessary psychological adjustment in advance.In order to ensure health and safety, it is recommended that the two parties eat clean and lighter foods before oral intercourse to avoid adverse effects on food residues on sex.

Fun underwear tuning PLAY later supplement

In the process of sexy underwear training PLAY, you need to pay attention to later repair and supplementary work.For example, when using a lubricant, you need to increase or reduce the amount according to the situation; supplement the battery, tights, foot cooling spray, shoe insoles, oral fluid and other necessary items; and perform simple lifestyle adjustment and physiological health assessment.


Fun underwear training PLAY is a new way of thinking that makes people come out of the traditional sex experience model.It can not only improve the consistency of sexual experience, but also allow both parties to discover their potential emotional and pleasure experience in a more relaxed, comfortable and interesting atmosphere, and inject fresh elements into emotional life.In the process of fully understanding and experience, it is worth further advancement and let the sexy underwear tuning PLAY bring us a different life experience.

In the process of sex underwear tuning PLAY, you need to pay attention to continuously exploring moderately, and find more possibilities in orderly emotional life and body expression, and enjoy a richer life world.

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