Wear sex underwear to read novels for Jiagong

Wear sex underwear and enrich the life of husband and wife

Interesting underwear is a sexy and interesting underwear. It is an element of personalization and fun while ensuring basic functions.Now more and more women and couples have begun to try to wear sexy lingerie, not only to meet sexual needs, but also to enhance the emotion and interaction between husband and wife.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your figure and preference.If your body is thin, you can choose some sexy underwear with more lace or fluff to enhance your sexy degree.If you need some body -shaping effect, you can choose a tight sexy underwear.In addition, various styles of sexy underwear are also suitable for urban white -collar workers at different levels. You can choose the appropriate style of sexy underwear according to your identity and style.

Scenery and accessories

On the occasion of choosing to wear sexy underwear, choose according to the situation of yourself and husband and wife.If you are at home or in a sex hotel, you can choose some exposed or more teasing sexy underwear.If you are in a public place, you can choose some sexy underwear with more stable or cooperating with other clothing.

The charm of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear will make women confident and feel more charming, sexy and charming.Interest underwear will visually bring strong visual stimuli, adding interest and fun to the sexual life between husband and wife.

Interesting underwear enhances sexual quality of life

Diversity, innovation and sexy underwear make your sex life no longer monotonous. If the sex life between husband and wife is only a mechanical friendship, then sexy underwear can allow both parties to communicate and interact better in sexual life.In sexual life, sexy underwear can enhance the trust and interaction between husband and wife, and make the husband and wife more integrated.

Wearing a sex lingerie to develop self -confidence

Wearing erotic underwear is not only to cater to the taste of the partner or meet their sexual needs, but also allow women to develop confidence, courage and beauty.After wearing a sexy underwear, women can try different postures and angles, find out the layout and style that suits them best, and increase their self -confidence and courage.

Interest underwear also has the risk of wearing wrong

Although sexy underwear can enrich the life of husband and wife, be careful not to wear it wrong.If the size of the sex underwear is too small, it will affect the comfort and health of wearing; if the sexy lingerie style is too exposed, it will leave a bad impression and perception for the other party.

Choose a brand

When choosing sexy underwear, choose the brand to ensure quality and health.Sexy underwear with unknown and low prices and low prices are often false.Choosing well -known brands to ensure product quality and health is very important.

Be careful group effect

When wearing sex underwear, be careful not to be affected by advertising and group effects.Many so -called sexy underwear in the market are not suitable for everyone. You can choose the most suitable sexy underwear according to your needs and styles of your own and partners.

Conclusion: Health is the first, freedom

In short, wearing fun underwear is a healthy and interesting experience. It can increase the taste and interaction between husband and wife, and also make women confident, courage and beauty.Of course, when enjoying the rainbow brought by erotic underwear, you should also pay attention to ensuring your own health. Choose the brand, size, style, and occasions, with accessories, and finally realize a state of freedom, health and happiness.

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