Was it for the first time in sex underwear

Do you want to wash your first sexy underwear?

Many people have an important problem before wearing new clothes: Do you need to put your clothes in the washing machine once?The answer to this question is no exception.In this article, we will discuss whether the first sexual underwear needs to be cleaned, and its impact on your body and health.

The advantages of sexy underwear before wearing

Even if the sexy underwear you buy looks clean and tidy, you should still clean it before you wear it.This is because sex underwear has undergone multiple craftsmanship during the manufacturing process, and it is likely to be tried by multiple customers. Therefore, it is likely that there are harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.Without cleaning, these harmful substances may directly contact your skin and even cause infection.

Use the correct cleaning method

The way of cleanliness is important for sexy underwear.It is generally recommended to use warm water, and it is not recommended to use hot water or too strong cleaning agents.It is recommended to use a neutral detergent or a cleaner dedicated to sexy underwear, and follow the cleaning instructions to ensure that the cleaning and not damaging the fabric.

Risk warning

If you do not wash your sexy underwear, you may bring some risks.Especially for people who are susceptible to bacteria, such as children, elderly people, or people who have diseases, it is best to clean it before wearing.


First of all, before cleaning, you need to check the cleaning label and follow the guide to cleaning clothing.When cleaning, do not mix sex underwear with other clothes, and do not use soft agents.This is because soft agents may destroy underwear fabrics and performance.During the cleaning process, special attention, decoration and accessories such as fish bones, silver hooks and sequins are particularly concerned.

Pay attention to material

Different erotic underwear fabrics need different washing methods.If some fabrics may not be heat -resistant, they cannot be rubbed or pressed, and some fabrics may not be used by bleach or soft agents. Therefore, it is recommended to check the material label of sexy underwear before washing.

Post -wear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also important.After wearing, please disassemble the fixed items (hook buckles) and keep the underwear dry. Do not expose the underwear under the sun.Avoid using the iron directly.

in conclusion

Before wearing the first sexy underwear, it should be cleaned to ensure the requirements of hygiene.For cleaning, a reasonable cleaning agent should be paired according to the material, accessories, and instructions of the sexy underwear, and the appropriate cleaning method should be selected. Do not rub it too much to maintain the durability of the underwear.In the end, the correct cleaning and maintenance will make your sexy underwear re -use and use it longer.

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