The classification of light and sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy female underwear. It has a variety of different styles and types.Light interest and sexy underwear are two different and often confused underwear types.This article will introduce the classification of light and fun underwear.

Category in light fun

Light fun is a more daily sexy underwear, which is closer to ordinary underwear in style.It is not as charming as sexy underwear, but pays more attention to comfort and wear feelings.

Light fun is usually divided into two categories. The first category is the improved version of traditional underwear, such as the improved version of the shape of the corset and the improved version of the briefs.This underwear retains the contour and shape of traditional underwear, but has made a lot of improvement in materials and details.The second category is leisure -style underwear on leisure clothing, such as T -shirt underwear, sports corset and steel -free bra.These underwear are more comfortable and can wear casual clothes -like wearing methods, which are very popular.

Sex of sex underwear

Sex underwear is designed as a more sexy and attractive underwear type.In terms of style and use, sexy underwear and lightness are completely different.

Sex underwear is usually divided into many different types.The most common of them include corset, tights, jackets, stockings and fish net socks.These underwear have no daily underwear -like concepts, and each single product is independent and more tolerant.In addition, the patterns and details of sex underwear are also rich.For example, sexy underwear often uses lace and mesh materials, and also adds various styles of accessories and accessories.

suitable occasion

The application of light and sexy underwear is different.Light fun is suitable for daily activities, and you can wear various activities and movements.At home, the comfort in light fun can reach the extreme, making the wearer feel relaxed.

Interest underwear is more suitable for use in specific occasions and atmospheres, such as Valentine’s Day, various dating, sexy parties.The style and detail design of sexy underwear are more sexy and gorgeous, and are designed to stimulate the sexy passion and confidence of the wearer.

material selection

Natural cotton, linen and silk fabrics are often used in light fun to ensure comfort and breathability.And sexy underwear often uses lace, mesh and leather materials.These materials can not only create a variety of atmosphere, but also enhance the effects of sexy and tempting.

Cross -match

Light fun and sexy underwear often integrate and mix and match each other, producing more different clothing styles.For example, a small amount of erotic elements mixed in the light and fun in leisure can produce more sexy and mysterious effects.And adding elements in light fun in sex underwear can enhance comfort and practicality.

Female beauty

Whether it is light and interesting or sexy underwear, it is ultimately to enhance the sexy beauty of women.Light fun can keep the wearer’s confidence and comfort in daily life, and sexy underwear can emit a more attractive self -style on special occasions.

Selection of sexy underwear

Selecting sex underwear should pay attention to some key issues.First of all, consider comfort, followed by style and color choices.The most important thing is that the size of the underwear must be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the wearing effect and comfort.In addition, when you want to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can consider your personality, body and temperament.

Suggestion of use in light fun

In daily life, light fun can be used as a more breathable and comfortable underwear.At the same time, it can also be used as a gift among friends or the combination of its own golden leisure time.

Suggestions for the use of sexy underwear

In sex activities, nightclubs, etc., sexy underwear can increase the wearer to increase confidence and sexy, highlight the value of self -confidence, and also increase the relationship between lover with love.But outside of special occasions, sexy underwear should still be used with caution.


Whether it is light and interesting or sexy underwear, they are very distinctive and charming underwear types.In the end, you need to choose your own underwear so that it can play the best effect in self -temperament and inner aesthetics.

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