Text Chapter 308 Fun Underwear

Understand the type of love underwear

Interest underwear has become a way for many women to create sexy performance. Its sexy appearance and charming atmosphere have also become the pursuit of many men.However, for those who first contact sexy underwear for the first time, they are often fainted by various types and styles.In response to this problem, today we will come to understand the type of love underwear together.

Lace lace sexy underwear

This is a popular type of sexy underwear. It is mainly designed with women’s charming, romance and delicate design elements. The lace and lace are the main materials.And curve.This sexy underwear is more suitable for more tedious and romantic occasions.

Tight -fitting sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear has a strong restraint function, which can tighten the waist and make the body line smoother.This type of erotic underwear is very practical, especially suitable for going out, and it is also a good choice for weddings such as weddings, which can improve the temperament and elegance of women.

Permaneous thin gauze sexy underwear

Perspective tulle is a relatively novel design material that allows women to show more sexy body curves, increase women’s mysterious atmosphere, and make everything more interesting.At the same time, the wearing of see -through tulle can also be regarded as a stimulus and challenge, which can add more passion to sex.

High -waist sexy sheet

This design style allows women to better shape. Its characteristics are that it can make the waist slimmer, highlight the self -confidence of women, and can also cover the small abdomen parts to exclude small defects in women’s figure.

Vest sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear is also called the cuffs -type sexy underwear. It is a very approachable impression in design. It is very similar to a casual top and is suitable for daily matching.At the same time, this sexy underwear can also solve the discomfort caused by low -cut underwear, allowing women to easily deal with any occasion.

Dew butt sexy underwear

Dew butt sexy underwear can present women’s hips beautifully, make the body’s curve deeper and sexy, and can also stimulate men’s visual and sexual desires, making sex more interesting and exciting.

Tight -fitting leather sexy underwear

Leather -style erotic underwear has a strong visual effect, allowing the wearer to have a unique sense of handsomeness and toughness.At the same time, it is very artistic, which can make people deeper into the world of interest and add love.

Lace shoulder strap sexy underwear

Lace strap -style erotic underwear allows women to better show their playful and lively traits, suitable for various occasions.At the same time, it can enhance women’s sexual charm and make them more confident, comfortable and satisfied in sex.

Always pay attention to the comfort of your underwear

Finally, no matter which type of underwear you choose, I suggest you try to pay attention to the comfort and choose the appropriate size to stretch the fabric to ensure that it is in line.Only a person can only have confidence in comfort, and have more fun and performance in sex.At the same time, buying high -quality and environmentally friendly underwear is also very important, which is also very helpful for skin health.


Interest underwear is an important product that cannot be ignored. It has dazzling colors and tempting shapes.By understanding the above -mentioned different forms and types of underwear, you can better establish your own purchase goals.At the same time, don’t forget the comfort of underwear. This is very important. It will affect the mood and charming state of the wearer.

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