Tearing of sexy underwear breast suction movements

Tearing of sexy underwear breast suction movements

As a widely accepted sexual product, sexy underwear has been favored by consumers.However, as more and more people use sexy underwear, many of them are facing a common problem, that is, it is difficult to tear up sexy underwear and breastfeeding. Today we will analyze this problem and provide some solutions.

Why is it difficult to tear up sexy underwear and sucking milk?

In terms of design, sexy underwear usually focuses on visual effects and sexual blessing experience. The fabrics and styles are relatively special. Some erotic underwear may face tightly squeezing, some may have paste materials and parts, while others may mayThere are more details, such as buttons, chains, and so on.These factors all make it difficult to tear off the sexy underwear, and breastfeeding is a challenge.

How to solve the problem of tearing -of -sex lingerie and breastfeeding?

1. Choose easy -to -tear underwear styles and materials

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should try to choose the materials and styles that are easy to tear, such as lace and satin.Avoid choosing parts to paste and need to tear off multiple or excess details of underwear, which will increase the difficulty of tearing off the underwear.

2. In accordance with the standard position, tear in the correct way

It should be kept normal before breastfeeding. It is best not to wear too tight underwear or clothing.When you tear off your underwear, you should tear it in accordance with the correct method. You can first distort the existing cracks or tears, and then tear quickly.

3. Use tools to tear underwear specially to tear underwear

In most cases of finished underwear, it is difficult to tear successfully when facing large stretching.If you don’t want to tear underwear with manual power, you can use tools specializing in tearing underwear. These tools are usually connected to any Feng Shui meat stick and can quickly tear any underwear.

How does it not affect the life of sex underwear?

1. Pay attention to maintenance and washing problems

After using full -fitting underwear, it should be cleaned in time. It is recommended to use a soft washing solution to minimize the degree of destruction of tear.However, consumers who insist on tearing underwear before use should pay attention to the method of washing and avoid using excessive detergent.

2. Appropriately reduce the number of tears and avoid expected damage

Occasionally, experimental tear is rare, but some users who depend on ultra -frequency tear experiments are more likely to cause irreversible damage.

3. Don’t force the underwear to be bent or those are difficult to clean.

For underwear in some trivial details, such as necklaces, with buckles, try not to pull.And too strong bending can cause damage to underwear.


Tearing of sexy underwear is difficult to sucking milk. It is a problem faced by many sexy lingerie lovers, but as long as you choose the right underwear style, adopt the correct tearing method, and pay attention to the maintenance of the underwear, you can solve this problem.The most important thing is that no matter how you take to solve the problem, you must respect the significance and value of underwear as a sexual product, and don’t be too mandatory to destroy or damage.

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