Sexy underwear one generation process process

What is a sexy underwear?

A piece of fun underwear is a service model that uses the Internet e -commerce platform to sell sex underwear to end customers.In this model, the supplier provides sexy underwear in inventory for the e -commerce platform, and the e -commerce platform will promote and sell goods to consumers with the authorization of the supplier.

The advantage of a sexy underwear on behalf of

The advantage of sexy underwear is the lack of inventory risk and logistics pressure.Because the order is generated according to customer needs, the inventory cost is greatly reduced.In addition, suppliers do not need to transport a large number of goods to the warehouse of the e -commerce platform, which can save logistics costs.

A process of sexy underwear on behalf of

A sexual outfit process can be divided into the following five steps:

Customers browse sexy underwear products on the e -commerce platform, place an order and pay.

The e -commerce platform receives the order and forwards the order information to the supplier.

After receiving the order information, the supplier generates the delivery order and sends the goods to the customer.

The customer received the goods and signed it to confirm the receipt.

E -commerce platform pays the corresponding payment to the supplier.

How to choose a sexy underwear and one generation supplier

How to choose a sexy underwear and a supplier?The following are the key factor for some suppliers:

Product quality: ensure that the quality of sexy underwear provided meets customer needs.

Source stable: ensure that suppliers have enough erotic underwear inventory to avoid shortage of stock.

Price discount: ensure that the price of sexy underwear provided is competitive.

Logistics speed: ensure fast, accurate delivery speed, avoid delay or errors.

Service quality: ensure customer service quality and after -sales service.

The risk of a sexy underwear on behalf of

There are also some risks in sex underwear.The following is a common risk of sexy underwear:

Stock inventory shortage

Quality problem

Suppliers illegal operation

Order information pass errors

Logistics is not good

How to avoid the risk of a person who avoids sex underwear

Avoid the above -mentioned interesting underwear to send risks on behalf of the risk.

Choose suppliers with sufficient supply and stable supply.

Choose sexy underwear quality suppliers.

When choosing a sexy underwear to send partners, you need to verify the qualifications of the partner.

Strictly supervise the transfer of order information.

Select logistics services with fast and high quality after -sales service.


A service model for sexy underwear is an efficient and cost -saving method of saving. For those e -commerce platforms or sellers who want to start a business, this model is also a good choice.Of course, when choosing a partner, you need to consider various factors to avoid risks.

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