Stranging socks SM

Stranging socks SM

Stranging socks SM

Stranging socks are another stimulus choice for SM gameplay after the binding of both feet.It is a set of sexy underwear composed of suspenders and socks, which can be used to perform SM sex games to increase the irritating and eroticism of sex.However, you need to pay attention to some issues during the selection and use process.

First, what is a suspender socks and sexy underwear?

Study socks are usually a set of sexy underwear composed of slings and socks, also known as suspenders and stockings suits.This underwear is often used in SM activities, adding special sexual stimuli and interest.

2. How to choose a suspender socks and sexy underwear?

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1. Material: It is best to choose good quality materials, such as silk or lace.The material with poor quality will cause damage to the skin.

2. Size: Choose a size suitable for your body, and wearing a suitable underwear to make yourself more comfortable.

3. Style: Choose a suitable style for you. Different styles and atmosphere are different.

Third, how to properly wear suspenders socks and sexy underwear?

1. Determine the upper and lower body: First of all, we must clearly distinguish the upper and lower body of the underwear to avoid wearing errors.

2. Put on the foot cover: Put on your feet, keep your feet clean, and avoid rubbing with shoes.

3. Pass through the belt: through the belt to ensure that the suspender can be tied.

4. Top: Put on the upper body underwear, and then fix the suspender behind the back.

5. Lower body: Put the upper body of the stockings on the top of the underwear to make sure that the stockings will not decline.


6. Fixed suspender: Fix the suspender behind the back to avoid loosening.

Fourth, the precautions for suspending socks of sexy underwear

1. Pay attention to hygiene: Determine keep clean to avoid bacterial infection with the skin.

2. Do not excessively pull: When using, avoid excessive pulling to avoid rupture.

3. Do not exceed the scope of use: Stranging socks are only suitable for SM games, and cannot be used excessively in daily life.

5. How to play SM games

1. Control time: When performing suspenders socks and sexy underwear SM games, pay special attention to time control to avoid excessive harm.

2. Safety first: Maintain safety first at any time, such as using safe ropes and buttons.

3. Full communication: Full communication before SM games must be fully communicated to determine the rules and boundaries of the game to avoid damage or psychological pressure.

6. Cleaning of suspenders socks in sex underwear

1. Dry cleaning: In order to keep the underwear’s initial state, you can use dry cleaning to clean.

2. On -site cleaning: Usually you can use on -site cleaning to choose neutral detergent and warm water for cleaning.

7. Maintenance method of suspenders socks of sexy underwear

1. Do not expose exposure: Study socks Welling underwear should not be exposed to dry in the sun, so as not to deform or damage the material.

2. Storage: Categorize storage, avoid friction and moisture during storage.

8. The price of a suspender socks in sex underwear

The price of sexy lingerie in suspenders is different, and different brands and materials can lead to price differences.Generally speaking, the price is between 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan.


Studius socks SM are a kind of sexy toy with strong irritating and funny sex, but you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene when using, avoiding harm to yourself or others.