Story of wearing sex underwear to school

Story of wearing sex underwear to school

Introduction: an adventure idea

Everyone has their own unique preferences, especially in the private field.However, of course, some imaginations are prohibitive, which hinders us to try.I have always wanted to try to wear sexy underwear on campus.This seems to be a thrilling idea, but I decided to try it to see what it would happen.

Choose the most suitable sexy underwear

The first step is to find a sexy underwear that suits me.I need to consider which style is most suitable for my figure and personal style.I finally chose a black transparent conjoined underwear so that I can show my figure and not be too exposed.

With a suitable clothes

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The second step is to choose a suitable dress for sex underwear.I chose a loose white shirt and a short skirt, because this shape allows me to focus my attention on the underwear instead of my flesh.

The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear

When I put on a sexy underwear, I felt very sexy and confident.Its texture is very soft and comfortable.Even though I can’t expose in class, but in my heart, my confidence has been improved.

Walk on campus

After walking out of the school gate, I started to feel some anxiety and anxiety.But I still decided to take a deep breath, stay calm, and walked out of the bus station.When I walked in school, I felt curious eyes projecting to me, but I still passed quickly.

Communication with classmates

After arriving at the school, I communicated with my classmates, but they didn’t seem to notice that I was wearing a sexy underwear.They still talked to me happily and asked me various questions.I am surprised to find that sexy underwear has nothing to do with our communication at all.

School administrator’s response

Although my classmates did not express disgushes for my underwear style, the school administrator still noticed this.They took a long time to ask me why I worked like this and asked me to change the more suitable dress.They regard this as a betrayal of moral norms on campus.

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in conclusion

Although wearing sex underwear is a bit adventurous, I think this is a way to explore my comfort zone.I want to know how to wear sexy underwear and how to deal with the relationship with others in public places.Although my school may not allow this behavior, I think this is a free choice, as long as we comply with morality and social guidelines.It is a completely different experience to wear sex underwear. Let us know that we can do more after getting out of our comfort zone.