Zhengzhou Fun Underwear Market

Zhengzhou sex underwear market overview

Zhengzhou is one of the important commercial, transportation and aviation centers in central China, and one of the important markets for sex underwear consumption.

Popular erotic lingerie styles

In the Zhengzhou market, popular sexy lingerie styles mainly include:

Lace sexy underwear

Fairy underwear

Chest sticker sexy underwear

Stockings sexy underwear

Sales channel for sex underwear

In the Zhengzhou market, the sales channels of sexy underwear mainly include:

Physical store

Electronic business platform

Social e -commerce

The level of sexy underwear prices

The price level of the sexy underwear in Zhengzhou is relatively low. The main reasons are:

Supply chain advantage, low logistics cost

The market competition is fierce, and the price declines

Consumer group of sexy underwear

In the Zhengzhou market, the consumer groups of sexy underwear mainly include:

Young woman

Husband and wife/couple

The business strategy of sex underwear market

The business strategy of the sex underwear market is divided into two types:

Brand operation, through creating sexy underwear brands to enhance market share

Operate at low prices, attract consumers to buy at low prices

The material and quality standard of sex underwear

The material and quality standard of sexy underwear are important factor to ensure the comfort and hygiene of sexy underwear. The sexy underwear needs to have the following standards:

Natural fiber materials, such as cotton, silk, etc.

Excellent wearing comfort

It is not easy to deform, getting the ball, fading and other problems after taking it

Future development of sexy underwear industry

The new problems and new opportunities facing the sex underwear industry are the key to future development. In the future, the sex underwear industry will have the following trends:

Promoting gender equality trends, increased demand for men’s dress

The trend of personalization and diversification is obvious, and sexy underwear design will be more diversified, innovative, and artistic

The gradual climate of social e -commerce has become a new track in the sex lingerie industry.


With the development of society and the increasing importance to people’s health, the sexy underwear market has broader development prospects.In the future development, we must pay more attention to the comfort, hygiene and safety of sexy underwear, while continuously innovating, leading the trend, and improving the functionality and artistic nature of sexy lingerie.