Young women wear sexy underwear training

Young women wear sexy underwear training

Wearing erotic underwear is a way for many women to pursue sexy and increase interest.Coupled with the tuning element, the gameplay can be more interesting and meet the needs of husband and wife life.Let ’s take a look at the training method of young women when wearing sex underwear.

1. Appreciate the beauty of young women

Young women in sexy underwear will be more sexy and charming. At this time, she can make her circle in the room and enjoy her beauty.You can use verbal praise or visual praise to make her feel charming.

2. Nourish the self -esteem of young women

The young woman values her body and beauty. If she is praised by her husband and wife, she will be very happy and confident.It can boast that she has a good figure, and her sexy underwear is more charming, making her feel her charm and attractiveness.

3. Show the self -confidence and dominance of men

During the training process, men should show self -confidence and dominance, and actively guide women’s behavior and performance.Men can decide the next gameplay, such as asking women to take off their underwear or perform some special movements.

4. Establish the trust and interaction between the two parties

The trust and interaction between husband and wife is the core in the process of training. Women should feel that their behavior and performance have been recognized and encouraged by men.Men and women must establish a basic trust relationship in order to have more in -depth gameplay.

5. Increase the passion of sex process

Interest underwear and tuning are ultimately to increase the passion of sex.Men can try to kiss and explore women’s bodies, stimulate her nerve endings, and experience different sexy experiences.

6. Accept feedback and suggestions from women

During the training process, women’s feelings and feedback are important.Men should pay attention to the emotional changes of women, understand the preferences and disgust of women.If women have any suggestions or requirements, men should listen positively.

7. Pay attention to sex health and safety

In gameplay, men should pay attention to sexual health and safety.For example, use condoms, avoid excessive use of props, and prevent damage to the body.The sense of security and health between husband and wife is very important.

8. Maintain curiosity and creativity

Interesting underwear and training can enrich sex life, making couples more interesting and intimate.Men should maintain curiosity and creativity, and constantly try new gameplay to meet the needs of both parties.You can add color through games, props, etc.

in conclusion

It is hoped that the introduction and reminder of this article will help the emotional communication and interaction between the husband and wife, and increase the sexual interest and mystery between husband and wife.In practice, men should actively explore and learn tuning skills to strengthen interaction with women and meet their needs.

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