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Heated discussion on Yi Xi Qianxi Interesting Underwear

Recently, Yi Xi Qianxi attracted a lot of heated discussions because he wore a set of sexy sexy underwear.Some people think that his sexy image is more able to suck powder, and some people say that this is a vulgar expression.No matter what you think of Yi Qian Qianxi, sexy underwear has always been a beautiful underwear that has attracted much attention. Here is a few types of sexy underwear.

1. Types Instead underwear

Type is a very transparent material, which is usually used to make sexy underwear.Such underwear is very sexy and can show the beautiful curve of women’s bodies, but it may require additional protection measures in privacy.

2. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is often one of the favorite styles of women.This underwear usually has exquisite details and decorations, which can show the beautiful dancing and curves of women, giving a soft and sexy feeling.

3. Belly Board Sex Underwear

Funny underwear is a very sexy style, which is usually made of silk or small mesh fabrics.Such underwear is suitable for those beautiful and confident women.However, it should be noted that when wearing a bellyband, you need to match a coat, otherwise it may look too explicit.

4. Swimsuit sexy underwear

Swimsuit sexy underwear is a very popular style.They are usually based on bikini -most of them have only a small amount of fabrics, showing women’s curves and skin, which has a high degree of sexy.

5. Full transparent underwear

In full transparent sexy underwear, common materials are plastic or artificial fibers.This underwear only allows the wearer to leave the least protection, and aims to show an unprecedented transparency.But if wearing in public, it may be disgusted by others.

6. Put a chest underwear

Putting in the chest of fun underwear is usually suitable for women who need additional support or expand the obstetric trade trade.This underwear usually uses satin or other soft materials to ensure comfort and visually show women’s cleavage and chest curves.

7. Exquisite embroidery sexy underwear

The exquisite embroidery sexy underwear is a very characteristic underwear. The details, patterns and coverage areas depend on the creativity of the designer.Such underwear often has a sense of luxury, and at the same time, it can show the beautiful curve beauty of women.

8. Derailed underwear

Derailed sexy underwear is an innovative and challenging style.This underwear is designed for those who like adventure and are passionate about sex.Its philosophy is: take off your clothes, let go of the shackles, open your heart, and enjoy interpersonal communication and passion experience.

9. A full set of sexy sheets

A full set of erotic underwear is usually composed of bra, T -shaped pants, socks and other decorations.Such underwear usually needs to be displayed further, and it is necessary to plan when matching clothing and occasions.

10. Candy is sexy underwear

Candy sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear series recently. Among them, there are jewelry pendants or candy jewelry on the underwear.Such underwear is both cute and sexy, suitable for women who want to show the sweet side.

Conclusion: Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions and women.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, showing the self -confidence and beauty side will definitely add a lot of color to life.

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