Yanwoman wears sexy underwear high heel novels

The sexy underwear and novels of Yan Woman

The Yan woman was lying quietly on the bed, and she remembered the sexy underwear given to her by her boyfriend, and she was very excited.She took out her underwear from the box, and her heart was ecstatic.This sexy underwear will definitely surprise her boyfriend.She was close to her body and felt very comfortable.Next, she began to plan how to match her favorite high -heeled shoes to surprise her boyfriend.

Types of sex underwear

There are many different types of erotic underwear, including different shapes, colors and sizes.There are sexy design of sexy underwear and gentle models, with adult design styles, and more suitable styles that are more suitable for daily wear.It is recommended to consider your body advantages when buying, and choose the right style according to your own needs and preferences.

Selection of Size of Sex Lingerie

When buying sexy underwear, choosing to choose suitable for your body size, the size is very important.If you choose inappropriate sizes, you will not get the effect you deserve.The size selection does not need to be too tangled. You can use the size of the underwear or swimsuit you usually wear as the standard for reference.

Choose the color and material that suits you

When buying sexy underwear, the choice of color and materials is also very important.The transparent lace is shiny and attractive, and the silk feels soft and smooth, making people feel very warm.You can choose the right color and style according to your skin color, hair color, eye color, etc.

Choice of high heels

High -heeled shoes are the perfect combination of sexy underwear.When choosing, you must first consider your own top needs to avoid affecting wearing because of too high.In the process of choosing, you can bring underwear to a specialty store or cooperate with software.Choosing a pair of suitable high heels can greatly increase your personal charm.

The matching skills of sexy underwear and high heels

When you choose the right sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes, you need to know how to match it.If you choose a fancy sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a simpler high heels to balance the relationship.If you choose a relatively simple sexy underwear, you can choose gorgeous high heels to match.Finally, you must remember to integrate your own style so that the effect of matching can better in line with your temperament.

Precautions for wearing sexy underwear and high heels

You need to pay attention to some matters when wearing sexy underwear and high heels.First put on the sexy underwear and then wear high heels, which can ensure the proportion of the body.To maintain an elegant gesture, do not lie down or paralyzed, this will reduce the beauty of wearing.Pay attention to the pace, do not walk too fast or too slow, maximize your own dressing effect.

The effect and significance of sexy underwear and high heels

Wearing sexy underwear and high heels can not only make your body look more sexy, but also make your heart more satisfied.This combination can increase the taste and sexual interest between husband and wife, thereby better maintaining feelings.You can try sexy underwear and high heels at home, feel your own difference, so as to increase the breath of more confidence and charm outside the outside.

The surprise of the Yan woman gave her boyfriend

After wearing sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes, the beautiful woman is beautiful.Seeing her beautiful figure, her boyfriend was full of desire.At this moment, the Yan woman decided to tell her boyfriend to her boyfriend.The boyfriend who listened to the story was extremely excited, and the magnetic sound of his girlfriend echoed his ears.Interesting underwear and novels, they have intertwined their own small world and unique charm.


The dressed match of the Yan Woman is no longer ordinary.The matching of sexy underwear and high heels made her charming and fascinating.Every woman can discover her different style through sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes, add more fun in the close relationship with her lover.

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