Xuemei sexy lingerie special size

Xuemei sexy lingerie special size

Many schoolgirls have a common problem: buying sexy underwear always can’t find the size of your own size.Especially if you want to boldly try sexy style, it is difficult to find sexy underwear that meets your needs!Fortunately, there are already many sexy underwear brands on large size in the market. Today we will introduce some of them.

力 is a brand dedicated to providing fashion underwear for large -scale women. There are sales channels at home and abroad.Its sexy underwear is also very suitable for large -scale women. It uses comfortable fabrics and reasonable tailoring, uniformly supports the chest, and emphasizes the body curve.

Benny Yun Paper

Beinun Yun is a sexy underwear brand that originated in Australia, and its large size and even John large -size underwear are unique.It is characterized by special design and fabric processing to effectively enhance the support and comfort of underwear, so that large size women can also wear sexy figures.

Weiwei Nuo’s Inflowing Underwear

Vivano is a domestic sexy underwear brand, and its main product is for underwear for large -scale women.The brand focuses on both health and sexy, so that women put on underwear to feel different confidence.At the same time, Vivano is also committed to promoting sex education and other sexy underwear -related knowledge, making women more freely express their sexy and charm.

Charm Sexy Pleuy

Charm is a US sexy underwear brand that covers many countries and regions around the world.There are many types of erotic underwear, both ordinary styles and large -size underwear.The brand is characterized by continuously paying attention to women’s health and sexy needs, and creating sexy underwear that is more in line with women’s needs with technology and innovation.

Beautiful Nius Fun Clothing

Aesthetini is a domestic sexy underwear brand. Its main product is "zero size" underwear, which is also suitable for large -scale customers.Zero -size underwear uses top fabrics and design, solving various sizes problems.In addition, Aesthetini also pays great attention to the sexy effects and chest support of underwear. Although it is a new brand, it has a considerable influence in the domestic market.

Di Si Nini Fun Plasma

Di Si Ni is a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand. It has a rich sexy underwear and has different sizes of product lines.Its sexy underwear is based on curve beauty and sexy details, while large -scale erotic lingerie is designed with wide shoulder straps and wide hem, which enhances support and comfort.

Beauty Stereid Fun Plate

Beauty Stedy is a domestic sexy underwear brand, which is characterized by unique design style and meticulous handmade.The large -scale sexy underwear has a wide range of large -scale erotic underwear launched by Beauty Ste. From L code to 7xL code, the design also pays great attention to the chest type collection and comfort of the underwear.

Coral sexy underwear

Coral is a Hong Kong sexy underwear brand, and its sexy underwear is well received.The sexy underwear launched for large size women is also very delicate. It uses a variety of fabrics and design, which can shape the shape and ensure comfort and sexy effects.

Silk Kockeko Lover

Silkou is a domestic sexy underwear brand, which is characterized by the integration of technology and design.Its large -scale erotic underwear uses technology knitted fabric and split design, which can support the chest and very breathable.At the same time, Silkou also tailor -made unique sexy underwear for large -scale women, allowing more women to put on beautiful underwear.


Although large -scale sexy underwear has been in short supply, there are already many sexy underwear brands on large size women in the market, providing everyone with more comfortable and sexy choices.You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you from the above brands to show your unique sexy charm.

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