Xiaojiao Wife Fun Underwear Novel Collection

Chapter 1: The beginning of passion and happiness

Li Jia and Zhang Hao are a young couple. They have been married for two years, and their lives are calm.Until one day, Li Jia began to become interested in the appearance of a sexy underwear. She felt that this made her feel more confident.

As a result, Li Jia began to collect various styles and colors of sexy underwear. Whenever she wore a special underwear, she felt more sexy and charming.

Chapter II: Sexy is not a limit to age

Aunt Zhao is a 50 -year -old woman, and she is also fond of sex underwear.Although she is a bit older, she still thinks that she can wear a sexy feeling.

She likes to wear lace and silk sexy lingerie, which makes her feel as elegant and beautiful as a swan.She also often searches for new styles of sexy underwear on the Internet, which makes her full of confidence. She feels that she can still attract her husband and people around.

Chapter III: Secret makes love more passionate

Miss Xu and her boyfriend are a couple in love. They are always looking for new ways to increase their passion and interaction between each other.Miss Xu often wore a variety of erotic underwear to surprise her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is always excited to wait for her surprise. Whenever she sees her in a new style of sexy underwear on her body, he will have a sense of freshness, which makes his relationship with Miss Xu more and more intimate.

Chapter 4: Another side of sexy underwear

Although everyone knows that sexy underwear is designed for increasing interest and passion, it also has another role, which is to help women better protect their health.

Many women wear sexy underwear to feel more confident and comfortable. This is of great benefit to women’s health. Some professional sexy underwear brands will also add some health care functions to enable women in sexy underwear to enjoy better health.

Chapter 5: Sexy underwear can also be sports underwear

Interest underwear can also be a type of sports underwear. Some brands have launched the sex sports underwear series, which can not only add female charm, but also provide better support for sports.

This kind of sports underwear can provide women with a comfortable and close personal feeling, making them feel more confident and energetic in sports.

Chapter 6: Naked sleep is no longer the only choice

Some women are used to sleeping naked. Although this has a certain health effect, it may also make them feel that there is no novel experience. At this time, sexy underwear is a good choice.

Sleeping in sexy underwear can not only make women feel different touch and experience, but also increase their fun and sexual passion.

Chapter VII: Interesting underwear can only be worn by women

Interest underwear is not just for the women’s market. For men, sexy underwear can also be experienced. Men can also wear sexy lingerie to add sexual interest.

There are many colors and styles of sexy underwear. Men also need to consider their body shape and style seriously when choosing, and choose the sexy underwear that suits them, so as to achieve the expected effect.

Chapter 8: Details that you need to pay attention to sex underwear

Although sexy underwear can increase sexual interest and passion, you still need to pay attention to some details when choosing and wearing.

First of all, you need to be careful when choosing, choose the style and color that suits you, and do not follow the trend blindly.Secondly, you need to pay attention to your body when you wear, and choose the size suitable for you, otherwise you will not only be uncomfortable, but also affect the wear effect.

Chapter 9: Small Fresh Style Fun Underwear

In addition to sexy sexy underwear, there are also some small fresh -style sexy underwear. On the basis of maintaining sexy and charming, they pay more attention to the shaping of details and temperament.

Such sexy underwear is suitable for women who are pursuing elegance and relaxed, and wearing small fresh -style sexy underwear can also increase their charm and confidence.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Interest underwear not only exists to increase sexual interest, it can also make women feel confident and comfortable.Choose the style and color of the sexy lingerie that suits you, and pay attention to your body and size when you wear it so that you can experience the true fun of sexy underwear.

At the same time, sexy underwear is also a kind of care for yourself and your body. Choosing some sexy underwear with health care functions can help women better protect their health.

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