Xiaohongshu Search for fun jackets

Xiaohongshu Search for fun jackets

In recent years, the market of sexy underwear has become more and more concerned, and Xiaohongshu, as a platform with beauty fashion, has gradually increased content on sexy underwear.Searching for sexy underwear on Xiaohongshu, you will find that there are many different types of styles and brands, so what are these sexy underwear?

1. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is the most common type of sexy underwear. It is usually made of lace, silk, linen or other soft materials.The texture of lace sexy underwear is soft and breathable, so it is very suitable for daily wear.In addition, the appearance of lace sexy underwear can enhance the sexy charm of women, giving a charming visual enjoyment.

2. Cotton underwear

Compared to lace sexy underwear, cotton underwear pays more attention to comfort and texture.Cotton underwear usually has a simple design style, which is not as obvious as lace underwear.Pure cotton underwear is suitable for long -term wear, soft and breathable, and it is also easier to clean and maintain.

3. tube top sexy underwear

The tube top sexy underwear is famous for its unique design style. Its characteristics are that there is no shoulder strap and there is only a slender silk strap on the back. The shape is similar to a chest wrap skirt.The tube top underwear is suitable for women with small breasts. Its design naturally lifts the chest up and holds up, which enhances the aesthetics of the lines of the chest.

4. Broken strap -style erotic underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear is a very novel sexy underwear. It is usually composed of multiple slender silk ribbons and binds together through a specific method.The design of strap -type underwear makes it more plastic and can show the curve beauty of the female body to the greatest extent, which is unforgettable.

5. Sports sexy underwear

Sports sexy underwear is a sex underwear category designed for sports enthusiasts. It is characterized by light and durable materials. It is also breathable and sunscreen, making people wear more comfortable.Sports sexy underwear is usually relatively simple, focusing on functionality, but also not losing elegance.

6. Emphasize chest underwear

Emphasizing chest underwear is a type of sexy underwear specifically emphasizing female chest shape, which usually includes three types: filling type, increasing and shaping.Filling sexy underwear shaped the chest through the internal filling, increased fullness, and enhance the beauty of the lines of the chest.Increasing sexy underwear is to enhance the visual effects of the chest by design, making the chest look fuller.The shaping -shaped sexy underwear is to create a plump and beautiful breasts through the material and internal design.

7. Low -cut sexy underwear

Low -cut sexy underwear is a type of sexy underwear commonly used in sexy occasions. It is characterized by deep V -shaped design in front. It can show women’s chest lines to the greatest extent, making people look very sexy.Low -cut sexy underwear is simple, but it is unforgettable without losing elegance.

8. Pink sexy underwear

Pink sexy underwear has become a scenic line in the world of sexy underwear, which usually means girls’ dreams and romance.Pink sexy underwear is most commonly used in summer wear. It is light and soft, light, and makes people feel fresh, bright and delicate.

9. Leather erotic underwear

Compared with his interesting underwear, leather sex lingerie looks particularly unique.Its material is mainly composed of leather and metal elements, which has the characteristics of solid, durability, and masculine.Leather erotic underwear usually has detailed decoration and strong matching, which can greatly stimulate people’s feelings in visual and touch.

10. Stockings sexy underwear

In addition to underwear, stockings sexy underwear is also a kind of popular sexy underwear.It can enhance women’s sexy charm and bring an excellent visual experience.The material of stockings sexy underwear is usually transparent or translucent. You can choose to use different colors and patterns to express different sexy styles.


In short, searching for sexy underwear on Xiaohongshu, you will find that there are many types of sexy underwear, and each type has its own unique style and characteristics.Whether you want to pursue sexy or comfortable, Xiaohongshu can find a suitable sexy lingerie style in Xiaohongshu.

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