Women’s sexy underwear novels

1. Goddess of Red

The lights of your woman’s sexy lingerie shop are soft and warm atmosphere.Here, every woman can be a goddess.As a result, the red sexy underwear in the shop attracted a young wife.She wore black sunglasses, holding a glass of water in her hand, and slowly choosing sexy underwear.She just wants the best.Each underwear needs to be tried by himself to decide whether to buy.At this moment, a red -back load -lava -loving underwear attracted her attention.She immediately changed and put on this eye -catching red sexy underwear and became the goddess of red here.

2. Pure white

In this era, every woman is eager to have a pure white love.This feeling is exciting and happy.This is the life of a young workplace woman.She is always wearing simple black and white clothes, but she wants to be an angel in the store inside.She came to your woman’s sexy underwear shop and found a white lace sexy underwear.She put on this pure white underwear and felt the happiness deep in her heart.

3. Night Phantom

Some women have a unique temperament and charm, and their presence is difficult to resist.Such a woman seems gentle, but it is hidden wild.They like to use black to express their personality.A young woman also wanted to be a night phantom, so she came to the woman’s sexy underwear shop.She discovered a black -cut lingerie, which was very unique and charming.She put on this sexy underwear, as if it became a light in the night.

4. Pink dream

Every girl has a dream, hoping that she can wear pink dream princess skirts.However, reality always splash us cold water.This dream can be realized in your woman’s fun and lingerie store.A girl saw a pink sexy underwear, and the skirt had beautiful lace lace, which made people feel a dreamy sweet atmosphere.After she put on this sexy underwear, she seemed to be in a fairy tale world, realizing her dream when she was a child.

5. Extremely sexy

Some women are naturally beautiful and have their own oxygen.Without much modification, they can make people dump.At this time, an extremely sexy sexy underwear is particularly important.Such underwear makes women look more charming and sexy.As a result, a sexy female model came to your woman’s sexy underwear shop and chose a black -shaped light sexy underwear. The exposed back and slim design made her better and became the focus of the audience.

6. Red wine temptation

Red wine is a drink full of temptation. It allows people to relax and enjoy the beauty of love.In the woman’s sexy lingerie shop, there is also a seductive sexy underwear.This erotic underwear has a silk -like texture, as if it makes people put in the rippling of red wine.She put on this lady’s underwear and left a temptation.

7. The night is charming

The night is always full of mysterious colors and romantic atmosphere.At this time, a sexy underwear is very important.Such underwear can make women more charming and more sexy.So a night queen came to the woman’s sexy underwear shop, and she chose a black ultra -short open fork sexy underwear.The exposed back and lace lace decoration made her better, and it became a bright light under the night sky.

8. Angela’s story

Every sexy underwear here has its own story, and one of them has a sexy underwear, which is particularly touching.This is a white sexy underwear. The protagonist of the story is a girl named Angela.She was kind, independent, and strong, but was defeated by life again and again.She found a love in the sexy lingerie shop and found a warmth that belongs to her.

9. Mysterious Girl

The temperament of some women is incomparable, and they seem to have a mysterious charm.Such women are always curious, hoping to explore their inner world.A mysterious woman entered the Woman’s sexy underwear shop and chose a gray tobacco pipe sexy underwear.This underwear is full of mysterious taste, as if heralding the secret in her heart.

10. Dark blue ocean

The dark blue is always reminiscent of the sea, reminiscent of infinite broadness and freedom.At this time, a young woman walked into the Woman’s Women’s Woman Underwear Shop and chose a blue high -waist sexy underwear.This underwear looks simple, but it is full of girls’ dreams.The freedom of the ocean and the vastness of the sky appeared in her heart.

Each woman has a unique personality and charm, while the woman’s sexy underwear shop can make them better show themselves.Whether it is the goddess of red or mysterious girls, the woman’s sexy underwear can meet their taste and requirements.Therefore, there is no doubt that your woman’s sexy underwear is definitely a must -have for women.

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