Women with fleshy belly wear fun underwear

Women with fleshy belly wear fun underwear

Interest underwear is an art that makes women feel more sexy and confident.However, for women with meat, wearing sexy underwear may have certain challenges and difficulties.Here are some suggestions about how to wear sexy underwear.

1. Select the right size

Size is very important for wearing fun underwear.For women with flesh, wearing inappropriate sizes may cause the belly or breast part to squeeze out or even marks.The correct size can make underwear more comfortable and beautiful.

2. Choose high waist pants

High -waisted underwear can cover the abdomen, which is a kind of sexy underwear for women with fleshy belly.They can provide better fiber force and self -cultivation effects, making women look slimmer.In addition, high waist underwear can make your legs smoother.

3. Try to bite the underwear

If you want a stronger self -sliming effect, bumping underwear will be a better choice.They can effectively make your belly look flat.When you wear long sexy underwear, bumps will make your abdomen lines smoother.

4. Choose a wide shoulder strap

Enough support for shoulder straps can make your sexy underwear more comfortable, especially for women with larger breasts.Choose sexy underwear with a wide shoulder strap to disperse pressure, make your shoulders feel easier, and reduce the occurrence of crab.

5. Consider the back design

Back design is also very important for sexy underwear.Choose sexy underwear with cross -back or vest, which can make your upper body lines smoother and make your shoulders and back look softer and beautiful.

6. Choose suitable colors and materials

Choosing suitable colors and materials is very important for wearing sexy underwear.In terms of color selection, choosing dark or black can make your body look slimmer; and light colors may make your figure look more rounded.In terms of material, you should choose natural materials with good breathability, such as cotton or silk blend, which can be more comfortable.

7. Pay attention to lines and patterns

Note that the pattern and lines of underwear can enhance your body advantage.Choosing vertical lines and ingenious prints can make you look slender, soft and confident.However, avoid choosing too many levels and fold sexy underwear, otherwise it will easily compress the abdomen and breast parts, leading to discomfort and unsightly.

8. Adjust the location of the belly

Some erotic underwear can help you adjust your abdomen and make you look slimmer.For example, some fun underwear with a push rod can help you adjust the position of the belly part to make it flatter.

9. Put on high heels to match

The perfect combination of sexy underwear needs to consider the overall image.High -heeled shoes can help your leg lines more slender and beautiful, and achieve more perfect results.

10. Confidence

In the end, the most important point is that women in sexy underwear should be confident.Regardless of your figure, you must actively and confidently confidently facing sexy underwear.If you are confident, then you will be more beautiful and attractive.


Women with meat in the belly are not easy to wear sexy underwear, but as long as you choose the right underwear, with the right clothes and shoes, and have a confident attitude, you can show your most beautiful side.

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