Women come to the door to sell sexy underwear

Women come to the door to sell sexy underwear

You were sitting at home to rest, and the doorbell suddenly sounded.You got up and opened the door, and found a woman holding a leaflet and actively selling sexy underwear.This situation makes you feel very surprised and troubled, and you don’t know how to deal with it.Here are some suggestions to respond to women to sell sexy underwear.

The salesman who refuses too enthusiastic

Bin Bin politely stated to the salesperson that she was interested in sexy underwear but wanted to understand the product first.The salesperson explained the advantages of sexy underwear very enthusiastically and put forward the request to try on underwear at home.This too enthusiastic and skilled sales method should cause you to be vigilant and need to consider carefully.

Refusing to have no brand or brand unknown sexy underwear

The underwear brand recommended by the salesman is unknown or without brand logo. In this case, you should consider it carefully.The unknown brand’s sexy underwear may cause poor quality and even affect physical health.Avoid buying such sex underwear to avoid regrets.

Check the salesman’s document

You have the right to ask the salesman to show some documents, such as ID cards and work certificates.Only after you confirm the authenticity of its documents, you can consider whether to buy a product.The salesperson refuses to provide a certificate or show for a forgery certificate, and you must be vigilant immediately and do not buy the product easily.

Check the color and material of the underwear carefully

As a professionals, the salesman should not find you to promote the sexy underwear of obvious color difference and inferior materials.Before you buy sexy underwear, check whether the color is obviously uncoordinated and whether the material is poor.If there are obvious problems, don’t buy them.

Avoid trading outside the door

The salesman requires direct transactions outside the door, and in this case, he should quickly refuse.Completing transactions outside may cause others to see security problems.Choose to complete the transaction at home or go to a regular sexy underwear store to buy.

Don’t be threatened

The salesman should not use the intimidation method to obtain the willingness to buy.The salesman cannot threaten your personal safety or interests in any form, or is forced to buy sexy underwear.If the salesman appears such methods, call the police in time and ask them to leave.

Ask other people’s purchase experience

It is crucial to ask others about the views and experiences of the same fun underwear brand.You can check your comment on the Internet, or ask your friends and your family if they have similar shopping experiences.Consulting your experience before buying will help you make a wise decision.

Merchants and sales points with convenient communication

When buying sexy underwear, choose a merchant who can easily contact and communicate, or choose a regular sales point.This choice allows you to better understand product information and get more guarantees when buying.In addition, regular sexy underwear stores will also have healthier underwear product options.


Women come to sell sexy underwear at home are not common, but it is not impossible.In response to this situation, we need to carefully consider the authenticity of the salesperson and the product to avoid illegal salesperson.In short, choosing regular sales points and considering our own needs is a method that should be taken when buying sexy underwear.

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