Women buy sexy underwear for men to wear


Sexy underwear is no longer a man’s exclusive product. Now more and more women are starting to buy sexy underwear and give them to men.Such a move may surprise men for a while, but if the choice is proper, this gift may bring more fun to each other.But what details do women need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear?This article will explain the skills of women buying sexy underwear for men.

Body difference between men and women

Men and women are very different. Women’s underwear design is designed based on the characteristics of women’s figure. Men wearing women’s underwear is likely to be not suitable.Women must pay attention to choosing men’s suitable styles and specifications when buying sexy underwear.

Style with

When choosing a sexy underwear, the style is very important.Women should choose men’s favorite styles, such as black or red sexy underwear, or cute cartoon character styles.

Material comfort

Material is one of the important factors of sexy underwear, and high -quality materials can make men more comfortable.Choose comfortable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or lace to ensure comfort and easy cleaning.


Size is one of the important factors of sexy underwear purchases.Similar to general underwear, the size of the sex underwear is also an accurate assessment of the body.It is very important to choose a suitable size. Too small underwear will make men feel uncomfortable, and too large underwear will lose the fun of wearing.

Personal preferences

Understanding men’s preferences is an important basis for choosing sexy underwear.Some men like simple and neat styles, while some men like the bustling and gorgeous appearance.When choosing sexy underwear, consider individual differences and choose underwear suitable for the other party.

Matching sex products

Sometimes, when choosing sexy underwear with sexy products, men can relax and enjoy.Women can choose some simple sex products and sexy underwear, such as masturbation, massage sticks, or oral intercourse simulators.

Choice of timing

It is very important to choose a good time, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Marriage Commemorative Day and other important anniversary.At these moments, women can give men as surprises to give men.

Low -key confidentiality

Confidentiality is also very important. Women can choose to hide the fun underwear after men are not present or leave for a while.After men go home, women can easily surprise men.

Communication of both parties

The communication between the two sides is very important. Women can discuss with men to wear sex underwear time and occasions.Sometimes, there should be not too much on the occasion of wearing sexy underwear.Moreover, women should follow the choice of men and let men choose whether to wear sexy underwear.

my point of view

Women presented men’s erotic underwear, which can not only increase the fun between husband and wife, but also strengthen the feelings of both sides.But women should pay attention to different male individual differences when choosing sexy underwear, and choose more in line with their sexy underwear.At the same time, women can consider joining the matching of sex products to make sexy underwear more attractive and interesting.

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