Will sex underwear pass the security check? Will it be seen?

Introduce sexy underwear security inspection

For those who like to wear sexy underwear, many people will worry about their underwear during security inspection at the airport, station and other places, especially for the first challenger.So, will sex underwear be seen after security inspection?This is a question that many people are more concerned about.

What is the difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear?

Before answering this question, you must first understand the difference between love underwear and ordinary underwear.After all, the design and use of the two are not the same.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is more aggressive, sexy, and teasing than ordinary underwear.Therefore, the production materials and design of sexy underwear are usually more sophisticated.

Will sex underwear pass the security check affect privacy?

Due to the needs of security checks, the scanned items will be enlarged by 1: 1 when the security checkpoint will be presented.In the process of passing security, infrared rays will scan the human body and carry items to detect whether they carry dangerous items. In this process, the design of the sexy underwear and the sophisticated production material may be seen, which will cause the leakage of personal privacy.question.

Will sex underwear be regarded as dangerous items when passing security?

When passing security, sexy underwear cannot be regarded as dangerous items.Because the material of sexy lingerie is consistent with ordinary underwear materials, there are no other dangerous ingredients, nor do they have potential harm and aggression.

How did the airport and station security check?

The airports and stations are mainly through security checks to scan the body and luggage through the security instrument, pass the scanned information to the monitoring screen, and then perform artificial review.Therefore, sexy underwear may pass the probe of manual review of security inspection, but the auditors often only pay attention to whether there will be dangerous items hidden in the items carried by them.

way of solving the problem?

Based on the above situations, some demanders in sexy underwear can choose to hold the sex underwear to the security check site when passing security inspection at the airport and station, and then put it directly in the luggage.Because the sexy underwear is in a parcel, there will be no problems when the airport and station passing security check.

How to bring a lot of lingerie luggage to security check?

For those who have sexual inspection with erotic underwear, you can put the sexy underwear alone in a transparent plastic bag that can be opened and closer, and then put it in the luggage carried by you.When the luggage passes through the security check, the staff will put the luggage in the security check instrument for scan, and then check the items in the transparent plastic bag.In this way, you can basically ensure that the sexy underwear is not exposed, and at the same time, privacy can be better protected.

Unique sexy underwear matching and wearing the sexual health of women’s sexual health?

In addition to considering security checks, whether wearing sexy underwear will also affect your own mental health, you also need to pay attention.Studies have shown that wearing unique style of sexy underwear can make women feel more sexy and confident, and can also enhance her sense of sex.

in conclusion

Falling underwear wearing can make people feel a sense of sexual blessing, but when a security check, you also need to pay attention to privacy protection problems. Reasonable carrying methods can avoid risks.Consumers are advised to choose regular channels when buying sexy underwear to avoid buying low -cost, inferior, and unsafe brands.

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