Suzhou sexy underwear franchise phone address

Understand Suzhou Fun Underwear Franchise Tel address

Interesting underwear is a very popular clothing category in recent years, and Suzhou, as a modern city, also has a lot of sexy underwear franchise stores.If you want to open a sexy underwear shop in Suzhou, but don’t know how to open it, why not try to join?The following is the contact information and detailed address of the Suzhou sex underwear franchise store.

Ex Sexy Pairing

Ix’s sexy underwear is a well -known sexy underwear brand in Suzhou. It has its own production line and designer team, provides a variety of sexy underwear, and encourages innovation.If you are interested in joining the brand, you can call the contact number: 0512-66515516 or to the address: No. 179, Renmin East Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City.

Xin’er sexy underwear

Xin’er’s sexy underwear is a local sexy underwear brand in Suzhou. It focuses on designing and productive sexy underwear, lace underwear and other styles, and has a group of experienced designers and workers.If you want to join the brand, you can call: 13913016800 or to the address: No. 29 Shihu Wishi Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou.

Candy party sexy underwear

As a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand in the candy party, it has a high degree of brand influence and consumer recognition.The brand is headquartered in Shanghai, but also has franchise stores in Suzhou.If you are interested and want to know more information, you can dial the contact number: 13962122282 or to the address: No. 47-49, Lili South Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou.

Other erotic lingerie brands join

In addition to the above brands, there are many other sexy underwear brands in Suzhou to choose from.For example, Bernah (Contact number: 0512-65502767, Address: No. 15, Humble Administrator’s Garden Road, Jinzheng Street, Canglang District, Suzhou), Dreamliness underwear (Contact number: 15366636930, Address: 210, Chengnan Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou CityNumber) Wait.

What are the conditions for joining the sexy underwear store?

Franchise underwear stores need to meet the following conditions: 1. Have enough funds to open stores; 2. Have a certain market insight and business wisdom; 3. Have their own business philosophy and team management capabilities;And related certificates.

The advantage of opening sex underwear franchise stores

Compared with the self -opening of the sexy underwear store, there are the following advantages: 1. Get the support and help of the brand; 2. Get more business guidance and simplified processes;Advertising and publicity.

What do you need to pay attention to?

Pay attention to the following points: 1. Understand the strength and market performance of the brand; 2. Prevent scams and information fraud from the brand; 3. Understand the franchise process and costs to avoid unnecessary losses.


When choosing sexy underwear brands to join, you need to pay attention to the choice of brands with strong strength and excellent market performance to avoid being deceived and unnecessary.Joining sexy underwear stores has more advantages and convenience compared to its own opening, but also requires certain conditions and abilities.I hope this article can help you choose Suzhou sexy underwear franchise stores.

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