Will my girlfriend accept sexy underwear?

1. Why do girlfriends may not accept sexy underwear

For most people, behaviors such as sexy underwear may have a certain sense of embarrassment and shame.Women are no exception.They may worry that they are not good enough or sexy enough to wear sexy underwear.In addition, some women may conflict with such clothing and believe that this behavior is abnormal.

2. How to make your girlfriend accept sexy underwear

First of all, letting your girlfriend understand love underwear is a very ordinary clothing. Unlike other daily clothing design lies in interesting and sexy elements; second, you can buy some relatively neutral styles, such as black, white and other classic colors; in the endYou can surprise your girlfriend in a warm and romantic atmosphere.

3. Types and styles of sexy underwear

There are many different types and styles of sexy underwear, including three -point, open crotch pants, hanging sticks, bikini, tight benefits, etc.Different styles are suitable for different occasions and different body types. You need to choose according to your girlfriend’s personal interests and need.

4. Fairy underwear style suitable for girlfriends

First of all, understand the figure of his girlfriend and buy clothes suitable for her body.Secondly, different styles are selected according to the occasion and needed.For example, the sexy underwear suitable for pajamas needs to be comfortable, light, personal, and easy to wear and take off, while those suitable for daily wear need to pay more attention to texture and appearance, and at the same time need to be comfortable and easy to wear.

5. How to buy suitable sexy underwear

First, try to choose the seller of regular channels to ensure the safety of quality and material.Secondly, avoid choosing sexy underwear that is too exposed or not suitable for body shape, so as not to cause discomfort and embarrassment.Finally, consider your girlfriend’s personal interests and hobbies, and choose the style she will like.

6. The problem of sexy underwear

The size of the sexy underwear needs to be paid attention to.If it is not close enough or too tight, it may affect the comfort of his girlfriend.Therefore, you must pay attention to the size when buying, and pay more attention to the needs of your girlfriend and feedback.

7. Pay attention to wearing sexy underwear

You need to pay attention to some matters when wearing sexy underwear.First of all, you need to keep your body and mind comfort, otherwise it will easily affect the experience.Secondly, you need to pay attention to the choice of time. For example, you can wear sexy underwear on important days such as romantic nights, birthdays, and anniversary to increase romance.

8. Self -maintenance problem of sexy underwear

The maintenance problem of sexy underwear is also worthy of attention.Especially for some strange styles, pay attention to waterproof, anti -telescopic and other issues.Correct cleaning and maintenance methods can extend the service life of sexy underwear and allow girlfriends to have a better experience.

9. Summary

Wearing sex underwear is a very common behavior, but there will also be some shame and embarrassment.If your girlfriend has not accepted such clothes, you may wish to make her feel the fun of wearing a fun underwear by understanding, choosing suitable styles, and paying attention to the needs of girlfriends.

10. Viewpoint

Interesting underwear is essentially a decoration of the body, not a stimulation or promotion of sexual behavior.Women wearing fun underwear can make them more confident, attractive, and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.However, when choosing and dressing, you need to pay attention to your girlfriend’s needs and feelings, and respect her choice.

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