Why can’t Taobao be put on a sexy underwear

Why can’t Taobao be put on a sexy underwear

On Taobao, we can buy a variety of products, but there are one type of products that are not allowed to be sold on Taobao, which is sexy underwear.So why can’t Taobao be put on a sexy underwear?

The category stipulated by Taobao

There are some clear ban on the Taobao platform, such as drugs, guns, ammunition, etc.Instead of sexy underwear, it may also occur in improper use, and it is included in the ban on selling on Taobao.

Policy and legal issues

In my country’s laws and regulations, the supervision of sales of sexual supplies is strict.The Taobao platform itself also needs to follow relevant legal and policies, so the problem that cannot be put on a sexy underwear cannot be put on.

Risk control consideration

As an open online shopping platform, Taobao needs to be responsible for consumer rights and product quality.Due to the special attributes of sexy underwear, its quality and safety standards are more vulnerable to question, bringing risks to the Taobao platform.Therefore, the platform has to restrict the sales of sexy underwear for consumer rights and their own interests.

Concept of social value

Although the current society is gradually open and free, there will still be restrictions on some sensitive products.As a type of sexy underwear, sexy underwear may have discomfort to some people. For the social image and business benefits, the Taobao platform has to avoid the sales of sexy underwear.

Consumer demand

Although sexy underwear cannot be sold on Taobao, there are actually many consumers still need to need sexy underwear.In order to meet the needs of the market and protect consumer rights, many third -party e -commerce platforms and physical stores provide sexy underwear sales services.

Choice of buying channels

If you need to buy sexy underwear, you can choose to buy from a third -party platform or physical store.These purchase channels usually have more professional services and guarantees, and they also pay more attention to consumers’ privacy and rights.

Learn about the risk prompt before the purchase

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to its quality and safety standards.Choose a reputable seller or brand to buy sexy underwear to avoid buying low -quality or unqualified products.At the same time, consumers also need to understand the risks before purchasing to avoid improper use.

Platform responsibility and consumer independent choice

As a large e -commerce platform, Taobao platform needs to be responsible for consumers’ rights and quality.It is not allowed to sell for sexy underwear for the risk control and social image of the platform.Under the autonomous choice of consumers, choosing the appropriate purchase channels and purchasing methods can meet market demand, and can also protect consumers’ rights and security.


Taobao cannot be put on a sexy underwear because of many factors.Although sexy underwear cannot be sold on Taobao, there are still many other purchase channels to meet the needs of consumers.When buying goods, consumers need to pay attention to the choice and risk prompts of purchasing channels to protect their rights and security.

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