Wife style underwear pictures


Interest underwear has always been one of the manifestations of women’s pursuit of sexy. Globally, the word "wife" has become a synonymous with women with beautiful curves and mature temperament.Today, we will introduce the style of the wife’s style of lingerie to analyze the design inspiration, and why these underwear can be so popular.

Wife style lingerie style

Wife’s style of outerwear is mainly distributed in the three types: hot and sexy type, gentle and pure and gentle temperament.Among them, the hot and sexy type is represented by seductive deep V -neck and high -waisted pants, showing the perfect combination of women’s sexy and beautiful curves.The gentle and pure type is to design elements with lace lace, creating a gentle and charming feeling.The graceful temperament is focused on small fresh elements, showing a elegant and elegant temperament with light material and elegant color.

Hot and sexy type

The hot and sexy wife’s style of sexy lingerie style usually uses black or red as the main color, focusing on the sexy side of women.The use of design elements such as deep V -neck, hollow, and mesh eyes can create a mysterious and sexy color.In addition, the design of high -waisted pants can better show women’s waistline beauty.

Gentle and pure

The gentle and pure wife’s style of lingerie style follows the popular trend of lace lace, focusing on reflecting the beautiful curve of women.The elements of lace lace are charming and soft, which can make the wearer show a soft temperament.At the same time, the choice of light tone also increases the elegance and freshness of the overall temperament.

Graceful temperament

Ganic temperament -type wife’s style of lingerie style focuses on small fresh elements, pursuing a light wearing experience and elegant and elegant temperament.The gentle material and elegant tone make people feel a fresh and natural feeling.The overall tailoring pays more attention to showing the beauty of natural lines.

Wife style underwear design inspiration source

The design of the wife’s and fun underwear has a wide range of sources, including ancient kimono, modern suits, national costumes in various countries, and so on.Among them, ancient kimono was one of the main sources of inspiration for design.Coperly waist tailoring and looseness are reminiscent of the high -waisted style and light materials that are currently popular.At the same time, the application of the kimono and the application of various elements also provides important inspiration for the design of the style of sexy underwear.

Why is the wife’s style of sexy underwear so popular

The design of the wife’s style of fun underwear makes people feel natural, soft and elegant, and it contains a silky mystery and sexy feeling.This sexy is not a "exposed meat" that loses beauty, but shows restrained charm and surging desire under the premise of healthy beauty.This design concept is also in line with modern people’s pursuit of individuality, taste and living conditions, and has become one of the most popular styles in the market.

Wife style lingerie matching skills

Matching is also metaphysics, which is also applicable to the choice of style of beauty underwear.In terms of choice, you need to choose according to your body and skin color.If it is red or black style, it is recommended to choose bright skin tone. If it is light tone, select the skin tone.In terms of matching, you need to choose suitable clothes based on the out -of -field field.For example, when you get along at home or with close partners, you can choose the matching method of wearing pajamas, and when you go out, you can choose to match with high -quality dresses to reflect the best sexy temperament.

Maintenance method of wife style underwear

The maintenance method needs to be taught according to their aptitude. After seeing the prompts on the labeling label of the underwear, wash.Generally speaking, in most cases, you can choose a neutral cleaning agent, and then put it in a small bag to wash. At the same time, you can also choose hand washing or machine washing.Finally, during the drying process, you need to avoid exposure or high temperature, while avoiding the wear of rough substances such as hooks and buttons. You can choose to use a special shelf for drying.


With its natural and soft design inspiration and elegant and surging sexy temperament, the wife’s style of fun underwear has attracted more and more people’s attention and appreciation.In terms of choice, you need to choose and match according to personal skin tone, figure, and outbound occasions.The maintenance method also needs to be taught according to their aptitude. While paying attention to underwear, we must pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of underwear.If you want to show the best sexy temperament and style, then choosing a wife’s style of sexy underwear will definitely be a good choice.

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