Why is there no sex underwear anymore

Why is there no sex underwear anymore

Sex underwear is a necessity for each woman because they can help women show their sexy and charm.However, in the past few years, the sales of these products have begun to decline, and many businesses have stopped selling sexy underwear.Why is this?This article will discuss this.

Material and comfort

The material of sexy underwear is usually silk, lace or other soft materials.However, these materials are not necessarily suitable for everyone.Some women have allergic reactions to these materials and cause skin allergies.In addition, some interesting underwear is very tight, uncomfortable when wearing, and even affect women’s daily activities.Therefore, some women are looking for more comfortable and healthy underwear, which is also one of the reasons for the decline in sex underwear sales.


Sex underwear is usually designed for women, but some women think that these underwear are designed for men.They believe that these underwear are only to meet the needs of men, not to meet the needs of women.This view has caused some women to be bored with sexy underwear, and began to choose more comfortable and functional underwear.It can be seen that the sexy underwear mode for men is gradually losing the market.


Interests of underwear are usually higher, because their materials and design require more costs.However, the market is increasingly competitive, and some merchants have begun to reduce prices to attract consumers.Although the price is not the only factor, it does affect many women’s buying habits of sexy underwear.Sometimes, comparing the price of small products with sexy underwear, people are more likely to buy the former.

Lack of diversity

There are relatively few products and styles in the sex underwear market.Many products are not very different, making women feel boring and unprepared.This is one of the reasons why many women no longer buy sexy underwear.Women like diversity and innovative products, so sexy underwear merchants should consider adding more options and diversity.

Advertising Strategy

Many sexy underwear merchants use art advertisements to promote their products, but some people have begun to feel that this advertising method is no longer realistic.These advertisements may make consumers feel that this underwear is not suitable for daily life.Therefore, sexy underwear merchants need to change their advertising strategy to get closer to the actual needs of women’s daily life.

Changes in social concepts

In the past, sexy underwear was often regarded as an immoral product, which was only suitable for wearing in special circumstances, such as Valentine’s Day or Wedding Night.However, now, social concepts have changed, and people are more open and acceptable.Therefore, more women are unwilling to bind special days to wear sexy underwear.They hope to wear sexy underwear in daily life, not just in some special occasions.

Internet shopping

With the popularity of the Internet, sexy underwear also has many sales channels on the Internet, which provides consumers with more convenience and choices.For example, on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD.com and Amazon, consumers can easily buy sexy underwear of various styles and sizes.Consumers no longer need to go to physical stores, which also means that the sales of physical stores have dropped significantly.

The launch of new products

In order to drive the market, sexy underwear merchants need to continue to launch new products.For example, some merchants provide women with more practical sexy underwear, such as effectively avoiding lipsticks and lipsticks, making sexy underwear, making sexy underwear not only sexy and charm, but also more practicality.This new sexy underwear is constantly accepted by the market, and it has also injected new vitality into the market.

Viewpoint: The above is the reasons for the decline in the sales of some sexy underwear, and these reasons are not entirely applicable to everyone.In fact, sexy underwear is still a necessity for many women, because it can indeed enhance the sexy and charm of women, and bring people happiness and happiness.Maintaining the characteristics of traditional sexy underwear and increasing new elements will be the direction of market recovery.

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