Why doesn’t your wife like sexy underwear

Why doesn’t my wife like sexy underwear?

There are always some unpleasant experiences in our lives. One of them is that you buy a set of sexy sexy underwear for your wife for surprise, but your wife does not like it.This can’t help but be confused, so why don’t your wife like sexy underwear?Here are some possible reasons.

1. Don’t like it, feel uncomfortable

Many erotic underwear are very peculiar, and some have metal ring buckles or stitches, which make many women feel uncomfortable after putting on.In view of the design of sexy underwear for sexy and exciting, this is likely to be one of the reasons why my wife does not like to wear sexy underwear.

2. Not confident

Some women may feel that wearing erotic underwear is to show their body and attract the eyes of their partners.If my wife is not very confident or is not satisfied with her body, it is difficult to put on sexy underwear naturally naturally.

3. Not suitable for daily wear

Interest underwear is usually designed to be exposed, and it is difficult to use it for daily wear.On the contrary, many women like to wear comfortable and simple underwear in order to wear them for a long time.If your wife feels that erotic underwear is not suitable for daily life, then you can’t like them.

4. Don’t like to be restricted

The style and size of sex underwear are usually relatively limited.If the wife does not find a style that suits you or it is too tight, then you will feel restrained and difficult to wear comfortably.This is one of the reasons why his wife does not catch a cold.

5. Can’t solve the role of affectionate underwear

Some women do not know much about the concept of sexy underwear, and believe that they can only wear on Valentine’s Day or birthday.The function of many sexy underwear is to improve the stimulus and interaction between couples. This is a new concept for his wife and needs to adapt and understand.

6. Don’t like the color style of the sexy underwear

Sex underwear is usually designed as fancy and dazzling. Some women may think that such colors and styles are not suitable for their taste.Therefore, choosing the right color and style is also very important for your wife to like sexy underwear.

7. I feel that the sexy underwear is too expensive

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is usually higher in price, which is one of the reasons why some women do not like them.Especially in the case of economic pressure, my wife may feel that spending money on sexy underwear is not worth it.

8. I am worried about the safety of sexy underwear

Due to the different quality of sexy underwear, some women may worry about their safety, especially when skin allergies or sensitive to certain materials.Therefore, it is also important to ensure that the selection of sexy underwear materials is safe and reliable.

in conclusion

No matter why my wife doesn’t like sexy lingerie, we can understand her thoughts and needs as men, and try to find alternatives suitable for her.There are some comfortable and stylish underwear that are also sexy and attractive, and these can also be a good choice.The most important thing is that we must respect our wives’ thoughts and needs, and to explore the way to promote feelings under the premise of understanding each other.

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