Why does my boyfriend let me wear sexy underwear

Why does my boyfriend let me wear sexy underwear

When your boyfriend suggested that you wear a fun underwear, you may be confused and wondering why he wants to do so.In this article, we will explore the reasons why some boyfriends let my girlfriend wear sexy underwear and the benefits of wearing sexy lingerie.

Enhanced gender attraction

The first reason is to enhance the attractiveness of both sides in terms of sexuality.Wearing sex lingerie can make women feel more sexy, mysterious and charming.This can increase the sexual attraction between men and women, and increase the passion and excitement of sexual behavior.

Confidence Boost

Wearing sexy underwear can also improve women’s self -confidence.It makes women feel more comfortable and confident, making women more likely to show their charm and pride.This can help women show herself more naturally and make her feel more happy and relaxed in sex.

Promoting intimacy (intimacy)

Boyfriend suggested that his girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear can also promote intimacy.This can make the two parties closer and build a deeper emotional connection.Wearing a sexy underwear makes women feel more comfortable, natural and relaxed, which helps build deeper and more meaningful intimate relationships.

Increase fun (fun factor)

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only help increase the sexual attraction and intimate relationship between the two, but also increase fun.Occasionally wearing sexy underwear can make both sides add freshness and stimulation in sex.This part is easily doubtful. Why should you add freshness and excitement to sexual life?This is because sex life is open and trying to be open and trying. If you do the same thing every time, I believe it will be tired and boring soon.

Rich sex skills (variety)

Wearing sex lingerie can also help rich sex skills.This can make it easier for both parties to try new things and define more sex routines.This is still a part of sexual life, hoping to continue to try and change.Wearing sex underwear is a good sex routine, which can easily help the two parties achieve more sex routines.

Romance and mysterious (Romance and Mystery)

One of the biggest benefits brought by sex underwear to sex is to increase romance and mystery.This makes it easier for both parties to understand and feel each other, and realize sex in a more romantic and innovative way.Adding a sense of mystery and romantic elements can help sex more beautiful.

Enhanced visual stimulation (Visual Stimulation)

Wearing sexy underwear can also enhance visual stimuli.Everyone has their own more emotional parts, and visual stimulation is one of them.Adding visual stimulation in sex can fully release the desire of the body and the soul. Wearing a sexy underwear is one of the choices.

Deepen temptation

Wearing a sexy underwear can also increase the space of imagination, thereby enhancing the temptation of sex more effectively.This can make women easier to mobilize men’s lust and achieve more effective sex and temptation.Temptation is an important part of sex, and it is a way to release desire between the two sides.


There are many benefits to wearing erotic underwear. These benefits are an essential part of sex.In practice, it can increase gender attraction, improve self -confidence, promote intimacy, increase fun, enrich sexual skills, increase romance and mystery, enhance visual stimuli, and deepen temptation.In general, wearing sexy underwear is an interesting, pleasant and creative way, which can increase the fun and satisfaction of sex.

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