Who is the female anchor who pushes the lingerie

Background introduction

Recently, on the live broadcast platform, I often see the anchors selling sexy underwear, and one of the female anchors has attracted the attention of the audience.Everyone discussed in the comment area of the female anchor and recommended sexy underwear. Some fans even made a fan base for her.

Who is this female anchor?

She is called Zhang Si, an active female anchor on a well -known live broadcast platform in China.She lives for a long time every day, and she is recommended for sexy underwear almost every time. Therefore, she has become a well -known sex expert in the hearts of many people.

Why can she become a sexy underwear sales expert?

First of all, Zhang Si has good professional knowledge.She can introduce and recommend the material, tailoring, size and other aspects of each sexy underwear.Secondly, Zhang Si’s appearance is beautiful and moving, allowing her to wear sexy underwear very attractive.In addition, Zhang Si has a very good set of interaction with the audience.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear. Its design purpose is to remove the restraint and inconvenience that some traditional underwear may bring.Therefore, the material and tailoring are also different from traditional underwear.There are many styles of sexy underwear, including bras, underwear, sling, hanging socks, etc. Some even add props such as socks, gloves, eye masks.

The meaning of sexy underwear to women

Interest underwear makes women feel more sexy and confident.At the same time, wearing sexy underwear is also a relaxed and enjoyable experience, which has a certain regulatory effect on the body and mind.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear?

First of all, it is important to choose the right size.If the size is not appropriate, it is not beautiful and uncomfortable.Secondly, to choose the right style according to your body and temperament, the selected style should focus on highlight your advantages and reduce the shortcomings.Finally, you need to choose the appropriate color and material according to personal preferences and occasions. If necessary, you can also match some sexy jewelry and props.

Common sexy lingerie styles

Common erotic lingerie styles include sex branches, sexy panties, sex suspenders, sex stockings, etc.Among them, sex bras are the most common. You can choose half a cup or a full cup.There are many styles of sex underwear, including T -shaped pants, G rear T, open crotch underwear, etc.The sex camisole has a vest, a camisole and connected.Sex stockings have different materials, different thickness, different patterns and different colors to choose from.

How to wear sex underwear?

Pay attention to the following points to wear sex underwear.First of all, you need to pay attention to the size of the size.Second, pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the body.Before putting on underwear, you must also ensure the cleaning, skin care and makeup.Finally, you can match related sexy jewelry and props according to personal preferences and needs.

What is the current sex underwear market?

At present, the sexy underwear market is relatively hot. Not only is it in China, but the foreign sex underwear market is also expanding.Major brands are launching the sexy underwear series, and many niche brands are also doing this field.However, there are also many bad merchants and "three" sexy underwear in the sexy underwear market.Therefore, consumers must choose regular channels when buying sexy underwear to pay attention to the guarantee of brand and quality.

personal opinion

As a sexy underwear expert, Zhang Si’s success is taken for granted.However, the promotion of sexy underwear also needs to follow the principles of relevant laws and regulations and moral ethics.When choosing sexy underwear, consumers also need to look rationally, and choose to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Here, I hope that consumers can maintain rational consumption, focus on quality and reputation, so that better sexy underwear will bring us more beautiful sexual life experience.

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