Where did the sexy underwear wholesale go?

Where to buy sexy underwear wholesale

The market demand for sex underwear is getting bigger and bigger. Many people want to enter this industry, but how to wholesale and purchase is a big problem.The following are several ways for your reference.

Cooperate with the producer

There are many manufacturers of sexy underwear. They can find their contact information through some channels and actively cooperate with them to become their agents or distributors.

Purchase through online platform

There are many online wholesale platforms, such as Alibaba, JD.com, etc. These platforms can find a lot of high -quality sexy underwear suppliers, which are convenient and fast, and are guaranteed after sales. At the same time, they must also pay attention to identify the authenticity of the platform and choose reliable sellers.


The sex underwear exhibition is a good place to understand the industry’s dynamics and expand sales channels. You can also conduct goods transactions at the exhibition.Moreover, you can communicate directly with the persons in charge of major brands and factories to achieve cooperation.

Agent or distribution brand

Agent erotic underwear brands are relatively easy to apply for online or offline channels of brand companies to become agents or dealers of the brand.

Find an agent to buy

If there is no better sexy underwear supplier, and do not want to cooperate directly with the manufacturer, you can buy it by looking for an agent.Agents usually provide relatively high -quality sources, and the pricing is also more reasonable at the same time.

Taobao, Pinduoduo and other e -commerce platforms

Taobao, Pinduoduo and other e -commerce platforms are also very good -looking underwear wholesale ways.There are many big sellers who are appropriate to buy more appropriately after the test.But pay special attention to the authenticity and quality of the source.

Network trader

Some online trading merchants will collect the supply of some high -quality manufacturers to integrate and provide subscribers.These traders usually have low prices, but there are certain risks, and corresponding guarantee measures need to be considered.

Find directly to physical stores to purchase

If you open a store in the local area, you can try to find the physical store directly.In the process of wholesale sales, physical stores usually sell some sources.

Go to a member or the sales channel to purchase

Purchase and sales of membership or sales channels are relatively profitable and relatively guaranteed.However, it should be noted that some sales methods are illegal acts, and there may be legal risks.

Go into more sales occasions

To learn to innovate, "Vietnam Tour", "Maldives Delivery", "Free Delivery on the Metro" and other new tricks are unchanged.Especially those e -commerce platforms in vertical fields, such as: hotels, backpack tourism, and advanced cafes, these sales occasions can be used as channels for sex underwear to purchase and sell.


There are many ways to wholesale sex underwear. How to choose a variety of factors such as their own situation, experience, business scale, demand, and location.Choosing a wholesale channel that suits you can bring great development to your business.I hope that the above ideas can help those in need, I wish you all a prosperous business!

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