What to do if the sexy lingerie card yin dress

What should I do if I have a sexy lingerie card?

What is a card yin costume?

Card Yin clothing refers to the phenomenon that is difficult to remove by the design structure card inside the underwear or underwear when using or cleaning in the interior of the underwear or underwear.If it is not treated in time, it may cause penis or glans injury, vaginal or rectal injury.

Why does it appear?

There are usually the following reasons for Card Yin outfit:

The structure of underwear or underwear is too complicated, such as the design of the color alternation line, webbing, and buckle ring.

Unexplained or cleaning for a long time causes the underwear to deform or tighten.

Personal obesity or lack of muscle control in the genital area.

How to solve the problem of card yin costumes?

Here are several solutions:


Before taking off your underwear or underwear, apply a lubricant so that the underwear or panties will slide out as smoothly as possible.But do not use lubricants containing anesthesia to avoid paralysis of human parts and lead to danger.

Gently pull out underwear or panties

Don’t pull underwear or underwear hard, do it gently.If underwear or underwear is stuck tightly in the vagina or rectum, don’t pull it, push it in it may be easier to take out.

With a tool

If the above two methods are not successful, you can use a small -caliber plastic water pipe, extend the water pipe into underwear or underwear, and gently take out the stuck part.Be careful not to use sharp weapons or sharp objects to avoid scratching or damage to the organs.

How to avoid cards?

The following are several preventive methods:

Avoid surround folding when cleaning

Do not fold the underwear in a surrounding type when cleaning, so as not to cause it to be difficult to remove due to it.

Pay attention to underwear size

When buying underwear, you must buy a size suitable for your own body to avoid too small or too large.

Buy simple underwear design

When buying sexy underwear, choose a simple design to avoid excessive decoration lines, buckle ring and other designs, and reduce the risk of card yin.

in conclusion

The above method can help you solve the problem of sexy underwear cards, and can also help you avoid similar problems in the future.However, please note that the reproductive organs of female friends are very private. If you encounter the problem of cards, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately, so as not to cause unnecessary pain and damage.

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