Where can I sell sexy underwear in Pingyi


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern women’s sexual life.And how to buy sexy underwear that suits you?As a small city, Pingyi City is relatively small.However, in our survey, we found that there are still a few places to buy good sexy underwear.

Shopping underwear counter

In several large shopping malls in Pingyi, such as Furong Plaza, Vientiane City, etc., there are underwear counters. Although they are not specializing in sexy underwear, some brands will launch some styles suitable for sex occasions.And when you buy underwear at the mall counter, you can try to wear it again to ensure that the size is appropriate.

Taobao shop

The advantage of online shopping is convenient and fast, and items are rich.If you are far away from the big city shopping mall, you can also choose to buy online sex underwear.There are many types of sexy underwear shops on Taobao, and the prices are relatively close, but they need to pay attention to quality issues and appropriate problems.

Spring Products Store

There are actually one or two sexual products stores in Pingyi City. Although there are not many types of products, the quality is reliable, and the staff of the specialty will also provide some professional dressing suggestions.Buying sex underwear can also buy some other sex products, adding the color of sex life.

Buyer show video recommendation

Before buying underwear, you can search for related buyer show videos on the video sharing website to see the actual effects of the underwear, the appropriate method of dressing and whether it meets personal needs.However, it should be noted that the effect in the video varies from person to person for reference only.

Social platform recommendation

At present, there are also some platforms on social networks that gathered in the communication circle of sexy underwear. Some enthusiasts or shops may release some promotional information or wear effects.You can pay attention to these circles, sometimes there are surprises.

Buy when traveling travel

If you just travel to some larger cities, you can visit the surrounding shopping malls, or the sex shop to see if there is a sexy underwear that suits you, and at the same time you can enrich your travel itinerary.

Niche self -made brand

If you like unique underwear, you can go to some niche self -made brand stores.These brands are equivalent to large brands in quality, but their shapes and colors are more personalized, and their prices are more close to the people.

Leisure fish/turn

Leisure fish and rotation are second -hand trading platforms. In addition to a small number of second -hand products, there are some new unused sexy underwear, which will be lower than professional stores, but you need to pay attention to quality problems and transaction risks.

Precautions for buying sex underwear

Pay attention to buying sexy underwear is to ensure that the quality and size are appropriate, avoid uncomfortable or aggravate the risk of infection. Secondly, choose your favorite style and color to avoid unconfident wearing.Finally, the material of the sexy underwear needs to be good, which needs to be good or not allergic.


In short, there are many ways to buy sexy underwear, and you need to choose according to your actual situation and preferences.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the right quality and size to avoid the occurrence of health problems.I hope this article will help you.

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