Where can I have fun sheets in Beijing

Where can I have fun underwear in Beijing?

With the opening of the social atmosphere, sexy underwear slowly entered the public’s life in this impetuous era.In Beijing’s metropolis, it is still easy for businesses to find sexy underwear.Below, I will introduce a few places you can buy sexy underwear.

Online channel

Finding sexy underwear online is a common practice of modern people, which is convenient and secret.Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com are e -commerce platforms that you can find sexy underwear on it. These platforms have rich brands and styles. At the same time, the price is relatively affordable. Some merchants also provide a variety of promotional activities to allow consumers to get moreCost -off price.

shopping mall

The mall is also a place where you can find sexy underwear.In Beijing, high -end shopping malls such as Wangfujing Department Store, Harbor City, and Yansha all have sex underwear merchants settled in, such as Rachel, Victoria’s secrets, three shots and other brands.It is also very stylish.

Adult products store

There are many adult products stores in Beijing, such as the nightclub streets of Xidan and Dongzhimen. Here are a large number of adult products stores. You can find the sexy underwear you want here, and the service is in place, but the price is relatively expensive for other channels.Many, there are some irregular black shops, you need to raise awareness of risk.

Underwear store

The underwear store is also a good place to find sexy underwear.In Beijing, there are many underwear stores in relatively large shopping malls such as the Plaza and Yansha Altos, such as AIBI and LINGERIE STARS. They have diverse styles, but they will be slightly conservative relative to sexual products stores and network channels.Essence

Women’s supplies chain shop

These shops are also relatively common in Beijing, such as Rayee, Risa, Sephora, Sasa, etc.Although these shops sell for cosmetics and skin care products, they will also sell some sexy underwear products, especially Risa’s sexy underwear series is very good. You can try it.

Fashion city

The clothing city supports wholesale and retail purchase. The stalls are relatively mixed. There are all products. It has fun underwear, adult toys and other products. The price is cheaper than other channels, but you need to improve your screening ability and risk awareness.

Liangyou Outlets

Liangyou Outlet is a relatively remote family in Beijing, but there are many sexy underwear merchants in Liangyou Outlets. These merchants are much more affordable than outside merchants, and the styles are more special.It’s a good choice to feel the exotic atmosphere.

Small shop market

In Beijing, the small shop market is also a good place for you to find sexy underwear. For example, there is a shop that sells sexy underwear in the grassland of Chaoyang. At the same time, Very intimate service.

Buyer’s notice

When buying sexy underwear, you need to understand some basic knowledge. You need to pay more attention to choosing the right underwear style, fabric quality, etc. At the same time, pay attention to more honest merchants, let alone be blinded by at low prices.If you go with your partner and understand each other’s needs, it will better promote sexual relationships and improve quality of life.


In short, in a metropolis like Beijing, it is not difficult to find sexy underwear. You can choose online channels, shopping malls, adult products stores, underwear stores, women’s supplies chain, clothing city, good friend Outlets, Xiao Xiao, Xiao XiaoShop market and other purchases.However, you need to pay attention to safety issues, learn more about buying, and better choose sexy underwear that suits you to improve the quality of life.

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