What to do if there is a batch of sexy underwear

What to do if there is a batch of sexy underwear

With the continuous renewal of fashion, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of women’s dress.It is also for this reason that many clothing stores and online stores have begun to sell all kinds of sexy underwear.However, when the order you arranged arrived, I found that a batch of sexy underwear did not meet your expectations. What should I do?This article will answer this question from several different perspectives.

Sex underwear type

Falling underwear is usually divided into three categories: sexy underwear, sexy uniforms and lace underwear.Sexy underwear is a type of underwear pursuing visual effects. It is usually for the purpose of sullen people, such as open crotch underwear, lace jackets, shell bra, etc.Sexy uniforms are a more advanced sexy underwear. Sometimes they have special themes and concepts, such as nurse uniforms and school uniforms.Lace underwear pays more attention to beauty and softness. It is a more common sexy underwear.

Return and refund policy

Understanding the return and refund policy of the sexy lingerie store you buy is very helpful for solving the problem.If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with the goods, you can check the return policy of the store first.Before returning the goods, make sure you have recorded detailed information such as time, date and reason.Through contact with the owner or customer service staff, you can understand the detailed information about the return, refund or exchange.

Wholesale market return policy

If you buy sexy underwear from the wholesale market, usually the owner will ask the number of your products, the purpose is to determine whether you need to return the exchange or view the return and exchange policy for the wholesale market.Most of the wholesale markets will have corresponding return policies, but categories and time limit will vary from stores.

Provide customers discount or sales

When you receive a batch of sexy underwear and find that some of these goods cannot be sold, you can consider providing customers with discounts or sales services.You can create a coupon and show the reduction of value to customers to get their positive response.Another method is to independent these underwear from the original sales channels (such as online stores) and allocate temporary coupons to increase sales.

Gift or additional products

Another solution to a group of sexy underwear cannot be sold to consider gifts or additional products.This is very attractive to customers, so that they can get some additional benefits, thereby increasing the possibility of sale.At the same time, you can also minimize your losses.

Create marketing activities

To increase sales, you can create a series of marketing activities.These activities can be associated with specific festivals or seasons, or market feedback promotional activities.You can promote it through the Internet and social media platforms, which will greatly help the promotion of promotion.

Cooperation with other merchants

Cooperation with other merchants is a good way to expand sales channels.You can allocate your sexy underwear to other merchants and retail stores, or cooperate with other businesses of the same type to establish some groups to push your interest underwear to the public’s vision.

Donation or recycling

If you don’t want to sell sexy underwear, or in exchange for some good reputation and reputation, donation or recycling is a good choice.You can donate these interesting underwear to charity organizations, or recycle and re -processes, and then resold to those who need it.


When you have a batch of sexy underwear unable to sell, you can try the above methods to solve this problem.Of course, the best way is to do a good market survey and evaluation risk before buying sexy underwear to avoid situations, which is also very important for your business future.

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