What to do if I find my wife’s sexy underwear

What to do if I find my wife’s sexy underwear

When you find that your wife has a sexy underwear, maybe you feel a little complicated.This situation is not very common, but it is not uncommon.Although this topic is a bit difficult to enlighten, challenging is an opportunity for growth.Understanding some solutions may help.

keep Calm

First, please keep calm.For many men, seeing their own women wearing sexy underwear is a novel and exciting experience.However, some people are not happy.Regardless of your situation, please calm down and calmly think when dealing with the problem.

Understand the reason

You need to understand the reason why she buys sexy underwear.This is a very important step because it may need you to have some courage.Asked her question may cause some tension, so please try to ask questions in a gentle way. For example, "I see some good -looking clothes in your underwear drawer. I am curious about what your purchase motivation is?"

Listen to her story

When you ask about her erotic underwear, please listen to her answer.She may tell you that she wants to be more sexy, or she wants to try some new feelings.This is normal and understandable.Please try to keep the mentality of openness and respect her choice.

Express your thoughts

After understanding the reason for her purchase, please express your thoughts.You can tell her that you are willing to support her choice and hope she can feel confident and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear.Of course, if you don’t like sexy underwear or you feel offended, please express your thoughts while respecting her choice.

Try new things together

You and your partner can try some new things together, such as buying some sexy underwear as a gift, or shopping together.This is a good opportunity to strengthen relationships.Trying new things will make the relationship better.

Respect each other’s feelings

Regardless of whether your partner likes sexy underwear, you need to respect her feelings.Don’t try to force her to wear underwear you like or not let her wear a sexy lingerie.This will destroy feelings.

Seek help

If your partner buys sexy underwear to solve sexual problems or other above problems, and you cannot solve these problems, please do not hesitate to seek professional help.You can see a psychologist or consulting experts in order to find the most suitable solution.

Don’t question her loyalty

No matter what happens, don’t question your partner’s loyalty.Buying sexy underwear does not mean that she no longer loves you.Keep in mind that when dealing with these problems, it is essential to establish and maintain trust with your partner.


It may be a confusing problem to find that his wife’s interesting underwear may be a confusing problem, but the correct treatment method can promote closer relationships.It is important to understand her thoughts, understand her choice, and try new things with her.If you can’t solve this problem, seek professional help.

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