What should I do if my wife’s sexy underwear


Sex underwear allows people to experience more fun and excitement in sex.Although they are very personal items, sometimes we may unexpectedly find that our partner has some sexy underwear we don’t know, which may make us feel confused and uneasy.

Step 1: Keep calm

The first thing to do is to keep calm.Don’t be frightened or angry, don’t doubt or jealous.This situation is common, you are not the only person who encounters this kind of problem.Calm down, and then start thinking about how to deal with this situation.

Step 2: Respect personal privacy

Although you are curious about knowing why your partner buying such a sexy underwear, you need to respect personal privacy.Your partner may be annoyed and disrespectful to your spy on personal items, which will affect the relationship between you.

Step 3: Actively communicate

The best way is to actively communicate.With a peaceful and curious attitude, try to communicate with your partner, and ask her why she chose such sexy underwear, and whether she enjoyed the sexual fun and stimulus that she brought to her.Such open exchanges will help establish a relationship of mutual understanding and trust.

Step 4: Explore with your partner

In the process of communication, you can ask your partner if you are willing to explore the various fun and stimulus of sexual life brought by these sexy underwear with you.This will be a good opportunity to consolidate your relationship, helping you closer and tacit understanding.

Step 5: Try new sex toys

If you decide to explore with your partner, you can consider trying some new sex toys, such as vibers, handcuffs, etc.Such experiences may make you more excited and satisfied, and at the same time, you can also deepen your emotional connection.

Step 6: Accept you are personal

Another important thing to remember is that you and your partner are two independent people and have different interests and preferences.Your partner likes sexy underwear does not mean that she does not like you or your sex life.Accept and respect your personal interests and preferences, so that each other will play freely.

Step 7: Understand the benefits of love underwear

Sex underwear is not just a tool to bring excitement in sexual life.It can also improve comfort and self -satisfaction.These items include different types of underwear, tights, corsets, etc., which can help you show your best side in different situations.

Step 8: Buy sexy underwear suitable for you

If you want to try some new sexy underwear, you can consider buying some styles and sizes suitable for you.Make sure the items you choose are consistent with your figure and style so that you will feel comfortable and confident.Do not buy too personalized or exposed styles to avoid unnecessary attention when inappropriate.


In short, when you find that your partner has a sexy underwear, don’t panic or try to change her, respect her personal privacy and choice, and try to explore this new field with her. Your relationship will be more intimate and stable.

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