What kind of psychology to buy a sexy underwear

Men’s cognition of sexy underwear

Before buying sexy underwear, men need to have a comprehensive understanding of sexy underwear.Sex underwear is a class of adult underwear designed with the theme and purpose of sex.Compared with the design of traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy, temptation and interest.In the eyes of men, erotic underwear represents a kind of sexual atmosphere and taste, and also brings visual stimuli to men.

Men’s psychological needs to buy sexy underwear

The psychological needs of men to buy sexy underwear are not just to satisfy sexual desire, but more are pursuing interest, stimulation and psychological desire.They want to adjust their psychological state and emotional needs through sexy underwear.Some men will buy sexy underwear to make up for the depression and dissatisfaction of sexual life, while others will increase their emotions.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, men will have a relatively clear understanding of their basic functions and design characteristics.

The purpose of a man to buy sexy underwear

Men’s purpose of buying sexy underwear is different.Some men are to surprise their partners and sexual stimuli. They believe that sexy underwear is a "nirvana" that increases sexual interest and interest.Another part of the men is for their own private collection, and carefully selects a variety of sexy underwear, but does not intend to let others see it.There are also some men to show their own flowers, and through the decent and high -end sexy underwear, they show their own personality and taste, so as to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Men’s brand choice for buying sexy underwear

When men buy sexy underwear, they have a certain choice and preference for the brand.Some men choose international brands, thinking that the representativeness, quality and cost performance of the brand can meet their needs.Some men choose domestic brands, thinking that domestic brands are closer to the needs of local markets and consumer groups, and their prices are relatively more affordable.

Men’s selection standard for buying sexy underwear

When men choose sexy underwear, they will consider from multiple aspects.First of all, men will consider the style and color of sexy underwear, and choose sexy underwear that conforms to their own personality and aesthetics.Secondly, men will consider the material and comfort of sexy underwear to ensure that sexy underwear has a good dress.Finally, men will consider the size and fit of sexy underwear to avoid buying sexy underwear that does not meet their figure and proportion.

Men’s time choice of buying sexy underwear

Men’s time when buying sexy underwear is very special.They will buy sexy underwear on special days, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, etc., making sexy underwear a special gift and surprise.They will also wear sexy underwear on special occasions, such as parties, nightclubs, sex, connecting each other, etc., making sexy underwear a way to realize themselves and self -display.

Men’s maintenance method of sexy underwear

After buying sexy underwear, men need to carry out a series of maintenance and nursing measures for sexy underwear.They will pay attention to the cleaning methods and frequencies of sexy underwear to ensure that sexy underwear can keep clean and hygienic.They will also pay attention to the storage methods and environments of sexy underwear to avoid sexual underwear suffering from moisture, deformation, fading, and mouse bites.

The economic pressure of a man buying sexy underwear

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear will face certain economic pressure and cost considerations.Interest underwear is a type of high -end consumer goods, with relatively high prices.For men who are more difficult to economy, sexy underwear is not necessarily their first choice. They pay more attention to cost -effectiveness and practicality.But for men with a certain economic ability, sexy underwear is an important way to show their taste and pursuit.

The effect of sexy underwear on men’s psychology

The effect of sexy underwear on men is not only reflected in the satisfaction and excitement of sex, but also more importantly, the shaping of men’s personality characteristics and emotional needs.Interest underwear is a way to express internal emotions through external forms. It can show men’s confidence, humor and wisdom, and can also satisfy the sense of security, belonging and accomplishment of men.Therefore, in terms of men’s mental health and emotional happiness, sexy underwear plays an indispensable role.


In short, men buying sex underwear have their unique psychological needs and selection standards.When buying sexy underwear, you need to reflect your personality characteristics and aesthetic feelings, and you also need to fully consider your own economic ability and needs. Based on this, select a sexy underwear that really meets your needs.

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