What is the little beads on the sexy underwear

What is the little beads on the sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a special type of underwear that is designed as a sexy and attractive appearance.Xiaozhu is a common design of sexy underwear. It is often seen on such underwear.But have you ever wondered what these little beads are and what their role is?This article will answer all questions about small beads on the sexy underwear.

What is the little beads on sex underwear?

Little Zhuzi is a small decoration that often sees on sexy underwear.They are usually sewn to the key parts of underwear, such as chest, nipples and pussy.The shapes and size of these small beads vary from the brand and design, some are small spherical, and some are slender.They are usually combined with lace, mesh and other materials, making underwear more sexy and attractive.

The purpose of the little bead

There are many uses of little beads on sexy underwear.First, they can be used to increase the appearance of underwear.Little beads can not only increase the complexity of underwear, but also increase visual attractiveness.Secondly, the little beads can also be used to create a sense of stimulation.The design of many erotic underwear aims to stimulate the nipples and genitals of the wearer, and small beads can be used to enhance this effect.Finally, small beads can also be used to increase the comfort of underwear.They can help reduce the stimulation and pressure of underwear to chest and other sensitive areas.

Material of Xiaodouzi

Small beads are usually made of silicone or plastic.Silicone beads are more common because it can simulate the softness of human skin, which is more comfortable when wearing, and is relatively antibacterial.Plastic beads are also a common option because of low cost.

How to maintain the little beads on the underwear?

It is important to keep the small beads on the underwear clean and dry.The best way is to wash underwear and use soft cleaner to avoid using too thick liquid.For the small beads, you can gently wipe and clean it with water, but you need to pay attention to prevent too much pressure and pulling the beads.The most important thing is to put underwear in a place where light, drying and ventilation.

Is the little beads on the underwear safe?

Xiao Zhu itself is safe.They do not cause damage or discomfort to the skin.However, if the underwear is made of inferior materials, it may cause irritation and discomfort to the skin.Therefore, it is important to choose the high -quality erotic underwear of a well -known brand.

Limitations of small beads

Although small beads are widely used on sexy underwear, they also have limitations.For example, for some skin -sensitive people, small beads on the underwear may cause discomfort or even allergies.In addition, if the little bead is not used properly, it may cause damage to the underwear, which will reduce its practical life.


Little Zhuzi is an important part of the design of sexy underwear.They play an important role in appearance, stimulation and comfort, but they need to consider their health and discomfort when choosing underwear.The most important thing is to choose high -quality sexy underwear to ensure its safety, comfort and life.

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