What is the English word of sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a clothing that makes people feel sexy, interesting, but also reflects female charm.However, if you want to search for sexy underwear online, you may see a variety of vocabulary, and these words may be confused.So, what is the English word of sex underwear?This article will answer you one by one.

Sexy Lingerie (Sexy Lingerie)

Sexy underwear refers to the clothing that can reflect the female curve and body. It is designed with slender fabrics or lace to expose the body parts to shape a more sexy image.If you go to a sexy underwear shop, you can hear the shoppers say, "I’m looking for some sexy lingerie." (I am looking for some sexy underwear.)

Adult underwear (Adult Lingerie)

Although sexy underwear is often confused with adult underwear, adult underwear is a wider concept, including all sexy underwear, from sexy underwear to strange character playing underwear, and even other adult products.In other words, adult underwear is a clothing designed for unrestrained or relaxing atmosphere.If you are in the sex shop, you may hear people say, "Where can I find some adult lingerie?" (Where can I find some adult underwear?)

Lace lingerie

Lace underwear refers to those sexy underwear decorated with lace. This underwear design is very feminine and romantic.Lace underwear is sometimes used to emphasize more private parts, such as bras, underwear, and so on.When you encounter lace underwear while shopping, you can say, "I Really Like This Lace Lyingerie." (I really like this lace underwear.)

Seductive lingerie

Mading underwear refers to those very sensitive underwear designed, usually with very sexy fabrics and structures.Mading underwear sometimes teases people’s senses in visual or touch, so as to bring a strong sexy atmosphere.When you encounter teasing underwear when you are shopping, you can say, "I want to try on some sEDUCTIVELIE." (I want to try some teasing underwear.)

Japanese kimono style (Kimono style)

Japanese kimono style refers to underwear designed with Japanese kimono -style design.This sexy underwear usually uses light fabrics, carved patterns, with Japanese -style flavor.If you want to buy some kimono-style sexy underwear, you can say, "Where can I find some kimono-style lingerie?" (Where can I find some kimono-style sexy underwear?)

Boudoir Lingerie

Falun underwear refers to those very complicated and atmospheric underwear, sometimes using very gorgeous decorations, such as silk belts, pearls, silver European lace, etc.This sexy underwear is full of design, usually for more formal occasions or special moments.If you want to buy some fancy underwear, you can say, "I’m looking for some boudoir lingerie for my wedding."

Night dress underwear

Night dress underwear refers to those sexy underwear that can be matched with evening dresses, usually given the wearer a mystery, and it will also reflect sexy in some deliberate designs.This kind of sexy underwear at a formal party will make people even more eye -catching.If you want to buy some night dresses underwear, you can say, "Do You have any everiearie that would go with my dress?"

Leather Lingerie

Leather underwear refers to those sexy underwear that uses leather as raw materials, which usually does not break sensitive lines, but it will express sexy through an alternative experience, emphasizing women’s control over their bodies.If you want to buy some leather underwear, you can say, "I’m looking for some leather lingerie that is edgy and sexy." (I am looking for some marginal, sexy leather underwear.)

Fairy Tale Lingerie

Fairy -story underwear refers to those erotic underwear with fairy tales in the design that is very fairy tale. It usually uses bright, bright, retro colors, and romantic details and decorations.This sexy underwear makes the wearer look like the heroine in a fairy tale.If you want to buy some fairy tales underwear, you can say, "I’m looking for some failry talelie that has a vintage look."

in conclusion

The above is the English words of sexy underwear. Today, sexy underwear has become a fashion choice for women, and the vocabulary involved is constantly changing over time.From sexy underwear, adult underwear to innovation and novel styles and design, these words have also become commonly used vocabulary between shoppers and sellers, making communication more convenient.Whether you are a shopper or a seller, the familiarity and mastering of these vocabulary will give you a more pleasant shopping experience or better sales skills.

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